BloxSQL Reloaded, mySQL Databases for your Roblox Game!


BLOXsql was a community resource made by vq9o back in February which allows you to connect your mySQL to Roblox and run mySQL commands. The resource no longer works due to it being discontinued so I remade it so that others can still make use of mySQL databases in Roblox!

Use MySQL in your ROBLOX servers easily with BLOXsql by RAMPAGE Interactive. Simple require() functions to start using your database!

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If you have any questions or concerns please contact me on Discord: Harryツ#0690


Moved to the docs website!


Is this a better alternative to Datastores?

There are the pros and cons.


More access (Roblox Datastores have limited access),
Unlimited Requests (Roblox Datastores have limited requests per minute),
Not controlled by Roblox,
You can make as many backups as you want,


Depending on your hosting there could be downtime(Just get good hosting.),
No Automatic Backups (I don’t believe it does)

There is way more but here are a few!


Third Party closed-source module support was removed back in 2018.


What does this mean? Do I need to open source it?? If so that’s no issue :slight_smile:

You need to make it for sale, because since the beginning of 2019, you can no longer use private modules.

Ah ok well it is set to public now!

It’s definitely easier for developers with a background in web-dev since SQL is the industry standard. You also get more control over store data because it’s saved on your servers.

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Is there a point to doing this like a back-up to Roblox user data? If any games blow up using this though, there will be a problem since Roblox databases are much more scalable & more reliable than a dev’s free postgres database lol.

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Why do you think only Roblox does have automatic scaling? Azure, Google Cloud and AWS have that feature too. I also doubt that Roblox’s database solution has better uptime than theirs.

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I don’t think you understand what this module does… This is a bridge between Roblox and mySQL. You need to setup the hosting for the database yourself so your free postgres database is down to your hosting.


I know, what I am saying is like “your free postgres database” is the database a game developer will probably be using, so if they get like 50K concurrent players, their servers will be very expensive, and their database won’t hold up.

Roblox uses AWS by the way. So yeah, I think it’s fairly reliable.

Well that’s down to them… No point in complaining about my work if there is nothing wrong with it?


What do you mean? I am not complaining. In fact, I like it very much and I would probably be using it if I had the money for a database.

Well that’s my bad for misunderstanding!


Your comment is useless then. If, and how developers are going to use it is not part of this post.


I was just saying, no need to be so passive aggressive :confused:

Bumping a topic because you’re “just saying” is useless in my opinion and does not contribute to anything at all. Now, someone who is looking for honest feedback in the comments has to scroll past 10 spam replies, that have nothing to do with the actual post.


For a reason. Every other service that is public has a certain rate limit

What access do you really need? DataStores are meant to be a simple way for developers to save data to a more complex internal database.

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