Bloxston Mystery: Update 0.2 Notes

Bloxston Mystery: Update 0.2 “Gamemodes, Vampires and more!”


  • Amnesiac Remember Bug
  • Queue is improved
  • Other bugs


  • New Gamemodes: Vampire Mayhem, All Any, and Cops & Robbers

  • Cops & Robbers: Mafioso vs Vigilante. A short but exciting gamemode where two teams face off at night to see who will be the last one standing.

  • All Any: All roles are randomized, hidden and without balance.

  • Vampire Mayhem: Two vampires, 4 mafia and 9 townies. Be careful not to be converted by the vampires!

  • New Ranked queue: Should be easier now to find people to queue with for ranked.

  • New Vampire Role: Similar to serial killer, you can target enemies and attack them. When they are knocked down, convert your enemies to vampires and have them join your team. There can be a maximum of 3 alive vampires at once (converted players will die afterwards). Mafia members cannot be converted. If you are doctor and revive yourself before the night ends, you will not be converted.

  • New Vampire Outfit


  • Bodyguard Buff: Bodyguard now has a larger shield that stuns players causing them to ragdoll for 1 second. The stun has a 5 second cooldown.
  • Arsonist and Mafia Support Buff: These roles no longer appear suspicious to the sheriff.
  • Mafia Killing Buff: These roles can now target eachother to protect one another from hostile (town/evil) roles.
  • Castle chandlier is blocked now.
  • Tie only gives 100 coins now.
  • Serial Killer can run faster at night. (So can vampire)
  • Jester can only haunt after dying. They can also visit other houses to seem more suspicious.

Play now!: Bloxston Mystery 😈 [TRAITOR!] - Roblox

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