Bloxston Mystery: Update 0.5 Notes

@Updates Ping Bloxston Mystery: Update 0.5 “Coven and improvements!”

New faction: Coven! Play as one of 4 magical roles with the goal of eliminating the town folk. This new faction works similar to mafia and replaces mafia in the gamemodes. You can still play with Mafia in Casual and Ranked.

How to Play:

  • Ranked game: Coven vs Mafia gamemodes are randomly selected at the start of every ranked session.
  • Coven minigame: This gamemode is set up almost like casual but with the mafia roles switched out.

:snake: Medusa (Coven Killing) - Choose to visit your target during the night to attack them. They will be turned into stone and their role and will are hidden for town members in the morning. If you target yourself you will activate your gaze ability (trap) where every visitor will be turned to stone. You can only use this ability once per game.
:man_zombie:Necromancer (Coven Support) - Similar to Retributionist but you can revive any dead role - town or evil. You also have unlimited uses per game but will have a one day cooldown every 2 uses.
:star: Poisoner (Coven Killing) - Use poisoned bullets to target and poison town members during the night. Similar to toxicologist, they can be cured by a doctor or potion master.
:sweat_drops: Potion Master (Coven Support) - Use one of three potions to investigate, heal or eliminate other town members. Each potion will grant you an ability for that night to be used for the Coven.

:knife: New icons for all our roles!
:shirt: New outfits added the shop (Medusa, Necromancer and Poisoner)
:hammer: Bug fixes
:star: Improvements to the game (Roles selected after teleporting, Investigator results randomized)

*I understand yesterday has been a bit hectic with a premature release of the update and disappointments pertaining to the delays. Moving forward we’re going to give ourselves time to really flesh things out and avoid giving out dates for these updates. We’ve prepared new content in advance to at least keep things interesting every/every other week but these bigger updates were killer with school/work. Hopefully things are better now and we can take the correct steps in working towards fulfilling this project. Thank you to @rissa#2326, @Faial#9584, @𝙹𝚊𝚗 ツ#8992, and all our staff and helpers for helping out this update *

Play the game here!: Bloxston Mystery 🔎 [NEW GAMEMODE!] - Roblox