Bloxxer's Portfolio

Hi there! My name is Bloxxer and I’m the lead developer of the group Gold. We’re a game development group of about 25k+ members, and we’re constantly reiterating our games and developing new ones.

Here is a quick rundown of my portfolio. I’ll be updating this and making it neater overtime. I have several games in development that will be added to this portfolio soon, all of which are much more complex and build upon the skills I’ve learned over the years.

I would consider my primary skillsets to be Programming, User Interfaces, Game Design, Creative Direction, and Product Management. I have been programming on Roblox for over 7+ years now, and my programming ability has been heavily influenced and improved by the Computer Science degree that I’m currently pursuing in University.


Studio Development Setup:

Here I list the various plugins that I use to speed up my progress in Roblox Studio and ultimately make my work more powerful.


Since 2020, all of my games are being built atop my own game framework, that I call the Gold Framework. It is built on top of AeroGameFramework and many open-source modules, and it contains many generalized and abstracted features that can work in many different games, through the use of a variety of different settings for each feature. I be careful that I do not over-abstract these features though, as while I find lots of abstraction to typically be a positive thing, over-abstraction can slow down development progress.

My primary goal with the Gold Framework is to enable the ability to ship new games as fast as possible, as many of the common and desired features in Roblox games are already covered by the framework right from the beginning of a new game’s development.

Coding Methodology:

Most of my coding and Roblox development is typically done as a partially managed Rojo project. This means that I use an external code editor (Visual Studio Code) to write my code, and the game assets are built and stored within a Roblox Place File.

This setup provides several benefits:

  • My team can properly utilize version control, through the use of Git, which also enables me to efficiently code with other programmers.
  • I can code without the fear of Roblox Studio crashing, which occasionally happens.
  • I’m able to code offline, and from any computer, no matter where I am in the world.
  • My team can avoid using Team Create, which typically has its own subset of issues to deal with.
  • The builders can build the game in Studio without any fear of accidentally messing any scripts up.

I’ve also created a tutorial to quickly setup Rojo with Git support, if you would like to try it for yourself.

My experiences and demos:

As of June 2021, I have shipped 5 different games on the Roblox platform, and have created a wide assortment of random demos.


Color Cubes - 🎨Color Cubes - Roblox

Despite being my most successful game, this success did not come easy. Color Cubes was the first game that I ever shipped, and it has gone through several re-iterations since I originally designed and programmed it. It has taught me so much about proper game design and also how important it is to have good coding practices. It introduced to me the dangers of complexity in programming, greatly improved my problem-solving ability, and it taught me how to set realistic goals and ambitions when creating a game.

Havoc Simulator - Havoc Simulator - Roblox

This game was created alongside my 3D modelers in my group Gold. Much of the map is based off of classic open-sourced Roblox places, and the gameplay revolves around destroying the map. I programmed the game while taking university classes, and it taught me a lot about time management as I was juggling multiple university-level Computer Science classes at the same time. I also learned some good practices on lag management and some effective ways to leverage player’s clients so that the server is not under too heavy of load, as there are many explosions and uses of physics in the game.

Tower of Heaven - Tower of Heaven😇 - Roblox

Formerly called Ascension, Tower of Heaven is a game that has showed me how trends begin and end, and it has also taught me that player feedback is crucial. There were many times when this game has been popular, and then I pushed an update that was detrimental to the games player count. Most of the building in the game was contracted, but I programmed all of the game except for some public modules that it uses.

Yeti Smash -

I created Yeti Smash over the course of a Christmas break with one of my friends. We decided to just use the time to experiment with various ideas and let our creativity run wild. I programmed the game, partially build it, and partially designed the game, and I learned a ton about problem solving as the game has some creative features that Roblox previously didn’t support (such as 3D objects within 2D UI before ViewportFrames were created).

Forest - 🌲 Forest - Roblox

I recently created this game for my application to the Accelerator program. Over the course of a single week, I programmed and implemented a large amount of features, such as custom characters, proper data saving, a stable round system, and a lot of fun with Roblox’s new Future is Bright lighting. I’m satisfied with the game I have shipped, although there’s many improvements that could still be done.


Infinite Smooth Terrain Generation and Inventory System - Infinite Terrain Generation / Inventory System - Roblox

A chunk-based smooth terrain generation system that infinitely generates terrain in the direction that you walk. It uses Roblox’s noise function both for the landscape and for the randomness of the landscape. All the trees in the game are also randomly generated as you walk. Along with the terrain generation, pressing E will bring up an inventory menu in which you can drop apples that players can pick up.

First-Person Shooter Gun System - FPS Gun System - Roblox

A gun system that I programmed so that I could easily make firearms of any type. It uses a couple open-sourced Roblox modules to handle some heavy lifting, although a large percentage of the gun’s logic is personally written by me. In this place are 4 guns of different types that only took me a few minutes each to make using this system.

FPS Title Screen and Custom Chat - Hell Rain - Start Screen / Custom Chat - Roblox

This place demonstrates a possible title screen for an FPS game I was making. It also features a custom chat box.

Mecha Piloting System - Mecha Piloting System - Roblox

Here is a mech piloting system that I programmed a year or so ago. The code is not pretty and I could improve it in a hundred different ways now, but it still somewhat works.

Simple Drivable Car Demo - Simple Car Demo - Roblox

An example of some drivable cars with steering. I created these just to see if I could in-case I ever wanted to create a racing game.

RASA Shuttle Launch Project - RASA Shuttle Launch Project - Roblox

While not too technically impressive, this is nonetheless a cool demo of a rocket launch. I was inspired by the original Roblox RASA Launch that took place on the platform in 2007.

Terrain Landscape - Terrain Landscape - Roblox

No programming here, although I always like to use this place to test Roblox’s new environmental features when they release.

Other Skills:

I can also speak Japanese :jp:, of which I’m currently minoring in at University! It might help with localization if needed.


If you would like to work with me, contact me, or just send a question my way, you can message me at any of these places.

  • Right here on the DevForums
  • Discord: Bloxxer#5374
  • Twitter