Bloxy Cola Machine

I made a bloxy cola machine

Things I'm Well Aware

I’m aware there’s no buttons


I had a dream about Bloxy Cola (and a atm) and I had to make a Bloxy Cola Machine.


Wow, really big and great machine! Does it work?


Sadly Not, I’m no scripter. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, me too. I can build but I don’t know how to script. You can watch Model Creator on YouTube to learn.


I can see the decal on the front of the machine is going off the sides, try applying the decal to the main cylinder instead.


That’s really well done

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Sorry, Can’t do that I tried to but it would not let me rotate the decal.

Could you not just rotate the cylinder…?

No, since the decal will start flickering.

Hmm, Dupicate the cylinder, then resize it to the way you want, put the bloxy cola decal on the smol cylinder.

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It looks very bland in details, try adding objects at the bottom of the machine. Also the slot where the cola comes out looks more like a USB port

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