Bloxy Kart 1 - Christmas Update

I am working on a game, Bloxy Kart 1.

Recently, I released the Christmas Update.
Now, I will be actively pushing new features and improvements.

If you have time in your day, please check out Bloxy Kart, and reply with some feedback on how the game can get better. I will try to release a new update every day.

Thank you!


All I really have to say about this game is “Meh”

There isn’t much to DO. I ended up walking around the lobby blindly before figuring out how to actually play the game. The karts control oddly similar to the crappy free model one, with no acceleration. The “call saver” I still have no clue what it does, and I just figured out that I can warp through walls with it if I try.

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Ok. I am working on an improvement to the karts which should release tomorrow. Do you know how I would be able to make the sidebar more visible to people, and how I should reword the Saver? He basically saves you if your kart gets stuck or something.

I believe a system could work where there are invisible checkpoints. When a player passes one of these checkpoints, and they were to get stuck, they could just teleport to that last checkpoint they touched.

Yeah, I don’t think that will be a good user-friendly option…

In all seriousness, that button is a manual button just in case the auto detection can’t detect it.

I think it should just say “Respawn to last checkpoint”

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Like that. Anything else that can make my game more user-friendly, accessible, and have more replay value that you can notice?

Make it a bit more indicated how to join races, or a tutorial for the first time you play. I was walking around mindlessly before realizing how to join a race

This was my first solution.

Idk how well it will work. What do you think. Making the buttons more visible is why I am trying this theory.

Just joined and my first issue is the music

It is so loud. And I am a person who keeps my volume low. I clicked the “mute all music” button but the loud Christmas music is still playing. Might be a glitch?

Thanks for the bug. I will also make the music quieter in the next release.

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I had mine on the lowest setting and my ears were hurt

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Yeah. I have the volume doubled. I will make it normal.

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I released v3.2.2. Let me know how it is! Thanks in advance!

I realize this is an old thread but here is my advice:

  • Make the karts faster or add a boost/nitrous feature: topping out the second I leave a corner is disappointing and unsatisfactory. A refilling nitrous would greaten the driving dynamics by letting you time when to boost to go the fastest
  • Change the vehicle model: the current free model jeep is boring to look at. It may take away from interest because it is a very recognizable model
  • The ui seems to have been improved since the last response here but some stuff does not work as expected, if at all

Good luck on your game though!

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