Bloxy Kart - Christmas Update

Bloxy Kart - Christmas Update - Changelog

v1.1.0 released! That is the Christmas update! We have so many things that we added!

  • Christmas Event
  • New currency - Presents
  • New Character system
  • Hold E System (ProximityPrompt)
  • Christmas Map - Santa’s Village by @ModulePiggy
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug regarding karts getting stuck in the ground
  • Fixed Tilted Road being impossible
  • Fixed 4 Seasons map
  • Fixed Invisible Walls in certain maps
Data that was reset

We needed to reset some data. Here is the list: \

  1. Settings
  2. Obby
  • Bloxy Kart now requires 6 GB of Ram, and not 8
  • Faster loading


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed gravity bug in Santa’s Village
  • Fixed Time Trials restart in Santa’s Village


Bug Fixes
  • Adjusted Santa’s Village
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