Bloxy Kart OST - Loading Screen

Greetings! I created a new soundtrack for Bloxy Kart, and this time, it is for the loading screen!

It’s just a simple 8 second loop. It’s not like someone will be loading for a minute.

Just want to know, would this hype you up before playing my game?

Thanks in advance for listening and for your opinion!


Why does it say Bloxy Karts? It makes it a bit weird remove that. Other than that the soundtracks good my guy.


Perhaps he did that so no one takes his audio


OHHHH yea I forgor :skull: lol…

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I would consider making an alternated version with no ending (perfect loop), only play this version when the music needs to swap

I wouldn’t ruin my creations so nobody steals them…

Very nice track! Soothing, calming music that would sound right at place in a loading screen. Melody sounds very nice to my ear.


I don’t assume that he’ll be doing it in the actual game.

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That is planned. I just added the ending for effect.

It’s a watermark. You can ignore it for now.

Yes I have known that thanks to 1_upz no need to repeat but thanks

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Honestly, you may want to keep that “Bloxy Kart” in! It’s very unique to the game (and would add that fun uniqueness) as long as you can make it sound less robotic (that may just be me, though)

Good luck!