Update List from Bloxy Golfing - Roblox


  • On peacefull lands (Terrain) After a shot the game shows what the current terrain, distance travelled and distance left to the hole, OR Out of Bounds.
  • Out of Bounds updated on peacefull lands (Terrain): if the ball lands there, it goes back to where you did the shot (although no terrain was defined as OB yet);
  • ServerList updated: changed from publicservers to reservedones, so you can create empty games, instead of joining a game if the course you chose already is being played in some server.
  • Fixed game breaking bug on main place where people couldn’t start the game;
  • Fixed bug where equipping bats midstroke would stop the game progression.
  • Fixed bug where you would stop being able to shoot the ball on Peacefull lands (Terrain).


  • Golf Ball camera track movement adjusted to the player framerate;
  • Added friction to terrain;
  • Beta Server List enhanced, now showing the game timer properly;
  • Sepia Hills Map development began.


  • Added a test place with a terrain converted map (need to adjust friction);
  • A server list of the test place, which will be used to see/join current games in the future.


  • Fixed some bugs like striking the golf ball when pressing space on chat, and being able to strike the ball while the score cutscene is playing.


  • Tournament State shown on lobby;
  • Points were added, even though they have no purpose for the moment;
  • Sixth course changes;


  • Total of 6 maps on the tournament;
  • Wind changes;
  • Gui Changes;
  • Preview Shot and distance;


  • Wind doesn’t change on the middle of a strike anymore;
  • Bug fixes;


  • Balls use Gyro to reduce friction instead of bodyvelocity(not optimal either);
  • Checkered texture added to greenzone;
  • Leave particles affected by wind;
  • Gravity changed to fix some issues like stucked balls.


  • Different bats added, each for a certain type of play.
  • Lobby added;


  • Wind Factor added using bodyforce.