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“phish users from our Discord”

I mean, you can take accountability for your actions. We’ll see how long this lasts. Actions are swift :wink:

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We do not Phish any of our clients. We do not collect any of their information. The only information we got is their roblox names & Discord usernames.

Unfortunately, you’ve been proven otherwise. I’m not going to sit here & argue about what you’ve been caught doing, but moral of the story, you never denied trying to facilitate a copy of RBX Domains. You’re a skid.

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It’s also kind of contradicting the fact you say “absolutely no limits” yet your service is more limited than ours. Is “30 GB” NVMe SSD Storage “no limits”?. I seriously doubt that you have dedicated nodes, but you’re likely using a shared node considering that’s all Asura Hosting (your reseller provider) gives. I’m sure people would be comfortable knowing their data is being held by a teenager who pays $9.99/month to imitate another service whilst having absolutely no experience in the web hosting field… (according to your forum profile, you have little-to-no experience working with any form of user data on a web hosting basis) After some review, your service also hold various security issues… The lack of a privacy policy gives no indication of where user data is truly going/being collected. “Job well done bud”


It’s also cute how you attempted to cover your tracks by implementing a obviously copy/pasted privacy policy after we called you out on it in Discord. Keep in mind when you steal companies policies, you’re breaking the law there too :wink:


Looking into first time I went to the website I couldn’t find the Privacy Policy, I found it at the bottom in an intentional light-colored and hard-to-view text. logs IPs of users that visit the websites.

sends emails to your email provided, personalization, marketing, and promotional emails.

For gdpr you can’t right to erasure without meeting certain conditions which are not even stated.

For those who cant find the privacy policy; 1.

vq9o website ratings 0/10. i don’t trust with my data.

I forgot to add, that you don’t link or name the third-party software collecting data and its respected privacy policies for users to review.


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uhhh but say this host unsafe,are you sure you will not leak/sell data?
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We are clearly a competitor to Most competitors does everything in their powers to knock their competitors out. have around 200 clients, we have around 50. This means we’ve grown 25% of their size in just 2 days. We are clearly a big competitor of them.

Bloxy.Pro does not sell any of your sorce code or data, it’s fully safe to use it. It’s up to yourself which companies you trust and don’t. I don’t have anything against people who use


It also intrigues me that you claim I threaten this “every time” yet you’ve never ran into an encounter with me? I can certainly agree that this is the first time.

Hello, @CodexJosh!
I haven’t written this. Some of our clients has been banned from, and I’ve kindly asked them to stop creating alts and talk about within If you find any of these alts, feel free to DM me. It’s hard to solve this issue as you blocked me after I asked you a question. I do not have anything against, and they should be threated fairly. We can solve this problem in DMs, thanks.

What you’ve done is a direct copy of RBX Domains

Despite what you may believe, competition is not illegal Goober.


dumb question, but will this ever be for also non roblox related stuff? these server specs are too good.

I have to guess not, for many reasons.

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You don’t have access to our client count so your count is off? 60% of our client base are not in our Discord.

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@rq_9s Not sure if you intended this in your copy/paste, but you kinda did admit you share user data to other people in your privacy policy…

“Communicate with you, either directly or through one of our partners, including for customer service, to provide you with updates and other information relating to the website for marketing and promotional purposes”

If I am not mistaken, didn’t you state user privacy is key? Not to mention you’re also stating you can collect users phone numbers…

Free, and premium are two words that don’t typically go together. How are you making any profit with this?

He doesn’t. Neither do we. We work very close with our service provider to ensure we are able to support the current load of users. This is not a guarentee with Bloxy.Pro as it uses Asura hosting and just rents a reseller package from them.

The thing is: why do you care?

Then it’s good for you! Be happy. It’s likely that your service will be the most used.

Core is a copy of Roblox.
And? Now?

How do others know, that your not a teenager?

That’s good?, but it’s off-Topic.


If you don’t make any profit, why is this such important for you to hate this service? Just leave him alone, everyone decides themselves if they trust the Company or not.

If someone would copy (implementing their own, not as good as my version) my Plugin, why would I care? I do NOT make any profit with the Plugin, so I do not care. I made my Plugin for me and for others, who like the Idea.

Please Note: I don’t actually have a Plugin


Being honest with you, publicly attacking anyone is not going to get you anywhere. Sure you might be able to scare some people, but I suspect most people would rather make their own judgements on this product than listen to your advice.

The professional way to go about this would be to treat them as a competitor, which they are, and not act as if they are stealing your service. It is important to recognise that people will always do what pleases them and it is does not always evolve around you. Instead of literally trying to bring them down, you should build up yourself so that people will generally prefer your service because of your features. You sound like you are already well established so you already have a decent amount of customers.

All I am saying is, you are giving more attention here which is distracting from yourself. If someone saw this for the first time, they would probably view you as being immature since you are literally crying because someone made something you do not like.