Blua - My new plugin project

Date: 4/7/'24 | v.1.0

The use

Blua is my first plugin project which I will be working on.
Blua's use will be a change in the scripting world of LuaU in Roblox. Now what it does, Blua is a mix of Lua and scratch's genius idea of implementing blocks into programming

By means, indicates the use of block scripting in Roblox Studio.

NOTE: Now, I am aware of a Lua block coding existing β†’ BlockLua


What you should expect is a very straightforward concept.
  1. Logic (if, else, elseif, true, false, 1, 0, ...)
  2. World Control (Y Z X coordinates, Size, ...)
  3. UI (Buttons, Strokes, Corners, TextLabels, TextBox')
  4. And a lot more!


Will be posting in replies, for further news.

PS: keep in mind that this will not be heavenly made, and is not near to done yet.

Please don’t be bothered by the mistakes in this post!



- Very simple design made for BLua
- Made the announcement to BLua (this post)

Thanks alot!

- MRKitty20911

This new plugin project looks great! Nice job on it!