Blue (selected?) Line on scripting menu

I don’t know if this is a new scripting update on Roblox or not, but after I saved my game and take a break to finish it today, there was a blue line. It was blue lined and I couldn’t do anything, any Ideas how I deactivate it?

You can deactivate it in the studio settings

( The Highlight Current Line option)


Alright, I found it. Thank you very much!

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It’s a new feature we released to help developers find which line their cursor is on. Let us know if you have any feedback!

It might be a nice feature for some developers however, for people who’ve used it for a long time, it “sorta” gets in the way, it would be nice if this was a sort of “toggle on” feature with a hotkey instead of having to go into settings and disable it or enable it depending on situation.

Atleast theres a setting for it :ok_hand:

Or settings to change its appearance