Blue Traffic Cone

It’s a time limited hat, but not on sale. Not sure if just a mistake on someone’s part on not getting it up correctly, or a bug, so on the safe side, I’ve posted about it.


They are probably testing something and you shouldn’t be able to see that page. Roblox+ kinda just ruins what Roblox wants to show to people and what not to.

it’s viewable to anyone


Went on catalog, don’t see it.

I can find it by typing in “Cone” on the catalog and putting on show unavailable items, and so can my friends who don’t have Roblox+.

Not to mention, that I found the hat originally while sitting at Trade Hangout.

You can’t see it without clicking show unavailable items:

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So then I’m still right. It isn’t seen on the front catalog page, it isn’t a problem unless its meant to be on sale.

You should know something about what’s happening here, right? Are you able to disclose why this is happening, and possibly why some of the other items dont show up on the catalog?

This item has been fixed :eyes:


Will the broken links be fixed to prevent this from happening again :eyes:

Broken links? This item’s link wasn’t broken as far as I know, it just didn’t come out on sale.

On Twitter, @RobloxNotifier and @RPlusNotifier often tweet out links to items that are broken. When you click on the link, you get redirected to the catalog instead of the item. It’s never been like this before.

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@CaptainJadeFlames knows about this too, and may be able to explain it in further detail.

The most detail I can really figure out is that it isn’t really tied to R+ or anything, just the catalog in general has that issue. You click certain new items, even right from the catalog, and they’ll redirect to the catalog. Sometimes it happens a tiny bit after a new item releases, so if you’re really quick you can click it, buy one and then as the page refreshes due to you purchasing the item, it redirects to the catalog.

Redirecting catalog items, however, have nothing to do with this sort of situation as far as I can tell. I’ve seen plenty of items where the link breaks, but they get their price tag just fine.