Blueberries™: Interviews Guide [ARCHIVED]


We no longer do interviews as per our use of the automated interview centre.


Here at Blueberries we try and make sure everyone has a fair chance at things, that is why we created his awesome guide for you as staff to use while hosting interviews or interviewing.

If you have rank perms, you are able to host interviews. If you have mod at the cafe, you are allowed to help/interview during the interview sessions.

Hello, Welcome to interviews! My name is NAME HERE, Before we start I would like to ask if everyone in here have joined the group.

PTS is in effect, you’re not allowed to speak UNLESS you’re answering the questions.

Questions are allowed to be asked now, if not you will no longer be allowed to ask any questions untill we ask again.

I. No Trolling
II. No Exploiting
III. No Arguing
IIII. No copy and pasting
IIIII. No Copying answers from other people (This is different from copy and paste, copy and paste is taking from a website or somewhere else)
IIIIII. No caps messages unless ther interviewer allows it.

Interviewer/Helper Rules (If Needed):
I. No unrelated questions.
II. No Caps
III. No being rude
IIII. Always tell the truth
IIIII. Do not allow anyone to talk when PTS is in effect
More rules might be implemented in the future.

As Barista, You’ll have to serve customers, You have to be patiences as always no matter if it’s a troller, a slow typer, mobile customer or someone looking at the menu.

There are warnings, the warnings goes by, Warning I, The first warning, Warning II, the second and Warning III, Third warning, The reason why it’s not number is to allow safechat customers/staffs to give/know the warnings better.

Exploiters will not have warnings, if you see a exploiter, please open your staff system and use the mod call system.

Admin Abusers will also have no warnings, Report to a HR asap, if it is a HR abusing than SHR, The only SHRs are the people with the rank label - | Username, excluding developers.

The mostly known SHR’s are proyoxn (Vice President), Arctixel (Vice President) and Swinsor (President), There might be more SHRs in future or will not be said. If they are a SHR and you’re a HR, you have to obey them.

If a SHR is abusing, report it to Swinsor, Arctixel or proyoxn.

To give a item to the person, it’ll be at the left side of your screen, You’ll see a little gui, Click on #PLR than type the player’s name, you can type the player’s name by short, Example, Swinsor, which is Swin or Swi for short, so you may do that too.

Grammar is always needed during the interview.

Strikes will be given if you fail to have grammar. total of III strikes will be given. Once reached to the maxium strikes, it’ll be a automatic fail.

Before we start the interview, is there any questions? Interviewers/Helpers, if there is a question by the interviewees please answer them. If they do not listen please warn them.

Alright! If thats all, The interview will begin!


Any questions before we start? You won’t get another chance to ask until the end!
Why do you want this job?
How would you greet a customer?
Please correct this sentence: wElcome to blue berrys wOt can eye get ye!
How did you find Blueberries?
What would you do if someone was trolling?
What would you do if someone was admin abusing?
How good is your grammar?
Any questions now we have finished?
(Tell them pass/fail, and kick them when ranked, if failed, rank to Noted Customer.)

—UPDATED: Monday 22nd April 2019 by Swinsor. Originally written by Arctixel.—

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