Blueberries™: Training Guide

Hello! Welcome to Trainings, my name is NAME HERE, I’ll be your host for today!

Before we start trainings, we’ll be going through the rules and tips on how to pass.

PTS is in effect. Any talking will lead to warnings, you may ask questions whenever we say, “Any questions?”.

Grammar is needed at all times during the trainings. Any point of time not using grammar will lower your chance on passing as we’re looking people who uses grammar.

The rules for Trainees:

I. No trolling.
II. No Exploiting.
III. No Arguing.
IIII. No Copying answers from anyother people during quiz.
IIIII. Do not TALK while PTS is in effect.
IIIIII. As always! Good luck and have fun!

The rules for trainers/helpers:


To serve a customer, there is a little tab that have a box, above of that have “Give item to player:” and in the middle of it have #PLR, to give the item, press #PLR and type the player’s name, it can be short form.

Always give your greetings whenever a customer or someone waitting to be ordered.

Be patience at all times, this is including with trollers or people who doesn’t listen or a HR that is running late.

Always wear a uniform or merch at all times, you’ll look smart in it!

Warnings goes by, Warning I (First), Warning II (Second) and Warning III (Third).
Trollers get III warnings, exploiters and admin abusers doesn’t.

To know the SHRs, there is a SHR stand outside of the cafe, their group ranks are also - | USERNAME

If a item that the customer ordered is no longer avaliable, tell them that it have been removed or something that can relate to no longer avaliable.

No taking of any other staffs customers, if you saw another staff took a customer from them or you, report to a HR+.

Thats all! I wish you good luck! Any questions?

Quiz Questions:

I. How many warnings does a troller get?

II. What do you do if there is a admin abuser and there is no HR+ in the game?

III. How to know the SHRs?

IIII. What if someone is exploiting?

IIIII. What if you do not know the receipe of the order, what do you do?

IIIIII. What if there is the item that the customer ordered is no longer available?

IIIIIII. What do you do if a staff memeber took your customer?

How well did you think you did?

(Pass/Fail, tell the person if they passed or failed, if failed, tell them that they can retry next time on another training, if passed, congratulate them.)

—UPDATED: Monday 22nd April 2019 by Swinsor. Originally written by Arctixel.—

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