Blueberry v1.11 — A new way to display punishments

This looks promising

I understand that the systems security in some fields are weak, but once security is improved, and some fixes to the UI, this will surely be good, I’ll keep my eye out for when this is a bit better :smiley:

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Why not instantly teleport exploiters to a hidden place within the experience that only has GUI?

Note: Not a location in a server, but a Roblox place within an experience (or universe).


The MOST basic hacking scripts have the option to ban players, they don’t need to use this. They’ll already be able to do whatever they want

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That can get very laggy. I have made a system like this in the past, and it is extremely not reliable.

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This is actually implemented in a popular game, Jailbreak. The developers teleport all their exploiters to a standalone place where they can purchase a “get out of jail” product to get unbanned for one time. Simply replacing the :Kick function with :TeleportAsync should do the trick, unless I’m wrong.

Edit: Early Look - $1500 Robux Unban Gamepass in Jailbreak! - YouTube

The player cannot even load into the starter place before they are teleported seamlessly into another place.

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Off the bat this can be exploited and bypassed, I would make the show the gui then kick after a few seconds no matter what.


I see. The game owner can choose how long the system would wait until it kicks the suspect so it is perfectly customizable. Thanks for the suggestion anyways!

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That sounds interesting. Only issue is that DataStores, which detect whether the user has been punishsd or not, can only be used in one place as I know.

Easy way to bypass this(pls fix):

Simply disable screengui

unanchor hrp



Yeah, it was meant to kick you when you disable the ScreenGui, but I got several reports that it doesn’t. I’m working on it. Thanks!

I’m probably gonna try that today.

Data stores are experience-wide.

Not trying to be rude, but all of those client sided checks can be rendered completely useless in a few lines of code. All you need to do is prevent the exploiter from spawning, chatting, or anything server side.

I heard that destroying the player instance could achieve that, I’m personally unsure.

That’s actually smart, but destroying the player instance will remove uis too

Here we will post the updates that we publish for Blueberry.

Update log 10/08/2022 @ v1.11

Upgraded to version: 1.11
Released: 10/08/2022


[>] Patched a critical error with the panel not being able to issue moderation actions for players that were not in the selected group.
[>] Fixed the panel clock.
Update log v1.10

Update log 02/08/2022 @ v1.10

Upgraded to version: 1.10
Released: 02/08/2022


[+] Added new feature: you can now log errors that are in a Blueberry context to Discord.
[>] Patched a critical error with the panel disappearing on player respawn.
[>] Moderation actions made via Replicated API are now forced to go through the group rank check.
[-] Removed Point API version check due to it causing the Engine not to load.
Update log v1.09

Update log 22/07/2022 @ v1.09

Upgraded to version: 1.09
Released: 22/07/2022


[+] Added new feature: replicated API can now check permissions so lower ranks cannot punish higher ranks anymore. HTTP Service required.
[>] Changed all :Kick() messages to be compatible with Roblox`s newline character removal update.
[*] Added reason character limit (300 characters).
Update log v1.08

Update log 24/05/2022 @ v1.08

Upgraded to version: 1.08
Released: 24/05/2022

Thanks to @Hauber_RBLX (added) and @Sinvidious (pending) for the suggestions.

[+] Added prevention system to disallow scripts or users to moderate the game owner.
[+] Added a new API option to remove temporary bans (NOT available in the panel, you will want to use the API if you wish to remove a temporary ban).
Update log v1.07

Update log 26/04/2022 @ v1.07

Upgraded to version: 1.07
Released: 26/04/2022

Thanks to @GamerOkami for the suggestions.

[+] Added MessagingService - the system now communicates between experience servers. When a user gets banned or temporarily banned, it will take effect immediately, without the suspect rejoining. This is only active for bans and temporary bans.
[+] Added a new feature for bans, kicks, and temporary bans in the Blueberry Panel: there is a new button that allows you to select the target username from the in-server players' list.
Update log v1.06

Update log 24/04/2022 @ v1.06

Upgraded to version: 1.06
Released: 24/04/2022


[+] NEW FEATURE: you can now use the UserId, UserName, and player instance with the API integrations. They are automatically detected (must be a string for UserName, a number for UserId, and an instance for a player).
[+] Added GetService support for all scripts, so that it is optimized for anti-cheat systems.
[>] Fixed some spelling mistakes.
Update log v1.05

Update log 21/04/2022 @ v1.05

Upgraded to version: 1.05
Released: 21/04/2022


[+] Added a new feature: server locking (slock).
[+] Added new feature: server unlocking (unslock).
[+] Added new feature: kicking/server removal.
[+] Added auto-complete when kicking a player [ONLY WORKS WHEN KICKING] (you only have to fill in the first letters of the player for the script to find it).
[>] Fixed some spelling mistakes.
Update log v1.04

Update log 17/04/2022 @ v1.04

Upgraded to version: 1.04
Released: 17/04/2022


[>] Fixed security kick when clicking "I understand" at account warnings.
[>] Reset on respawn issue.
Update log v1.03

Update log 04/04/2022 @ v1.03

Upgraded to version: 1.03
Released: 04/04/2022


[*] Improved the security system: the character of the suspect will be checked every 5 seconds if it exists. If it does, it will delete it over and over again.
[>] Fixed the "Security kick" issue caused by the 3 checks - now only one client-sided check, 
and the rest is being handled by the server.
[*] Changed the colors of the Blueberry Panel and added multi-line for the 'reason' field. Also removed the ClearOnFocus option.
Update log v1.02

Update log 30/03/2022 @ v1.02

Upgraded to version: 1.02
Released: 30/03/2022


[*] Improved the security system: the suspect can no longer interact with the game
and its players even if they bypass the punishment UI. The suspect character will get
removed by the server, as well as they will get muted by the server.
[+] Added multi-cloned UI. This will clone the punishment UI every 5 seconds until the 
suspect leaves the game.

Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions and feedback!


Very good system :clap: Just the security is uhh… but I’m pretty sure its fixed from what you said in discord.

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Funny, I tried making something like this before years back when I was still a new developer. I literally copied the Roblox ban screen so I could use it for my game but I never finished it.


Lol, I tried making one and i just copied the normal kick message :-;

I have tested this on my big games, and it’s sad to say but the GUI gets removed from you after time a new player joins to get it back you will need to rejoin again but then if the other player joins after you you lose it could this be fixed, please?

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I will now report it to the main developer! and will attempt to find a fix.