Bluestate Prison is looking for developers

Bluestate Prison is looking for Developers!

About us

Bluestate Prison is a prison game where players have the choice between Prisoner and Guard.

Prisoner: Prisoners need to complete tasks to gain freedom or they can try and escape. Once they are out of the prison they can either be a criminal again or do jobs to earn money.

Guard: Guards need to make sure that prisoners are completing tasks and need to catch prisoners trying to escape. Guards can also play as police officers who can stop criminals and put them back in jail.

The Team

@Caden_NZ - Creator
@R0bl0x10501050 - Project Manager

@Caden_NZ - Programmer
@you - Programmer (20%)
@ButterrDev - Terrain Designer (15%)
@you - 3D Modeler (15%)
@ButterrDev - Builder (15%)
@you - Composer/Sound Designer (10%)
@MissMae15 - Clothing Designer (10%)

The Job

We need developers to create and program the prison and the surrounding area, as well as weapons and vehicles.

The prison will be a large complex which contains: Armory (2), Cafeteria, Guard Lounge, Cell Blocks (4-5), Watch Towers (8-12), Gates (2), Reception, Visiting Center, Solitary Block (2), Offices (4), Control Room (5)

The town will be a large area surrounded by mountains which contains: Stores (8), Car Dealership (2), Houses (20), Police Station, Court, Buildings (10-20) that cannot be entered

The prison and town will be surrounded by mountains and is based in a forest area.

The vehicles featured in the game will be: SUV’s (4), Sedans (5), Trucks (2). (we plan on adding more vehicles in the future)

The weapons featured in the game will be: Rifles (3), Snipers (1), Shotguns (2), Pistols (3), Taser, Tear Gas, Riot Shield, Baton, Knife (2), Bat


Developers will be paid a percentage of the group funds earned from premium payouts, gamepasses and other products

Programmer: 20% of income
Builder, Modeler, Terrain Designer: 15% of income
Sound Designer/Composer: 10% of income
Clothing Designer: 10% of income

You will be paid for as long as you work with us, if you quit you will get paid 10% until you have reached the amounts listed:

Programmer: 20-30K :robux_light:
Builder, Modeler, Terrain Designer: 15-25K :robux_light:
Sound Designer/Composer: 10-15K :robux_light:
Clothing Designer: 10-15K :robux_light:


If you are interested in developing for Bluestate Prison then here is how you can contact me:

Discord: Caden#0003 (If username doesn’t work then use my ID: 579978340371398666)
DevForum: @Caden_NZ

I am more active on Discord than the DevForum

Thank you

Sorry for making this so long to read, so thank you for taking the time to read it.
Also, thank you if you are interested :slight_smile:


I sent you a PM regarding my interest in the clothing designer position!

Portfolio: [OPEN] MissMae15 - Clothing Commissions


I sent fr on Discord. R0bl0x10501050#9989.


Hey there! I’m a builder you can contact me User id#1086
Here’s my portfolio to X1_xii portfolio


Caden you ready know am and i build the building

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Caden i try help make blender building for you

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Hey, I’m interested in composing for you.
My discord is lawn#3776 I sent you a PM.

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Hey @Squad_Dev, could you put your portfolio up here, please?

Btw - I’m asking since I’m the Project Manager, not a random person :joy:

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Hi @lawnm_ower, could you also put your portfolio up here?

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