Bluestone café Alliance requirements

Adorations, everyone. Chairman of Bluestone café speaking. This DevForum post is mainly for people looking to making a alliance with Bluestone café. In this post, will explain all the requirements that need to be met to be able to have a alliance with us.

  • Must have 50% of our members or more.
  • Must have a active community.
  • Must be very similar to our group, like a café, bakery, hotel, restaurant, ETC.
  • Must not sell any gamepasses to allow access to any type of power over others.
  • Must have a overall good reputation in the Roblox roleplaying community.
  • Must have a good MR-SHR status. (No trollers or rude people at your high ranks.)

Now, the next section will be based upon what you have to do after the alliance has been made.

  • Must post into your Discord serer that the alliance has been made, and link our group and discord to join, we will do the same in return.
  • Must have some type of event with us every month. Could be a treasure hunt event in your game in relations to our alliance, or just as simple as visiting our café .
  • Example:

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to apply, the link to the application is here:

Signed, EggcellentSpook.
Bluestone café