BlueWings Airlines | Staff Handbook [HR]

High-Rank Staff Handbook

Greetings! We are acutely delighted to have you as an HR at BlueWings. Before you begin your amazing career with us you need to know everything within this document. From customer experience, all the way to guiding your co-workers. Now get ready to read because it might be a little longer than your old LR handbook!

BlueWings Expectations

You are expected to be very active, have a good work ethic, be skillful, have lots of experience to share with others and a legacy with our airline. Our HR team consists of many different roles. From the Board of Executives, all the way down to the Intern. We expect all of our teams to treat each other equally.

Table of Contents
  • Internship Program
  • Rank Information and Duties
  • How to host a training
  • How to host an interview
  • Reviewing applications
  • Promotions
  • FAQ

Internship Program

If you are reading this section it means you have passed an application or were promoted to Intern. Congrats! This unit will give you all the information on what you will be doing.


As an Intern, you will be learning about how to be a Department Head. What do department heads do? They operate and train each rank. For instance, the Captain role has a department head. The Department Head will manage all of the captains and train them. As a Department Head, you will be managing an entire rank. The Board of Executives has the responsibility of training you.

How do I get ranked up to Department Head?

It’s no easy task! You must pass over 3 stages of training, then you must pass an exam which is not so easy, and you must prove yourself to the Board of Executives to show them you have what it takes. Here a full diagram on how it all works.


That’s about it!

Rank Information and Duties

Here is a full list of all the HR ranks here at BlueWings along with a full description of what they do and how to get that rank.


These guys and gals are the newbies on our HR team. They basically just learn for about a week and try really hard to impress the Boards and Owners.

In order to become an Intern, you must…

  • Pass an application.
  • Be recommended by a Flight Host+.
  • Be promoted by the Board of Executives.

Flight Host

These are the people that supervise the flights and schedule them. They always are watching no matter what. They are always very helpful and know a lot about the airline.

In order to become a Flight Host, you must…

  • Be promoted from an LR rank by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

These guys and gals help the department heads. They are known as Deputy Department Heads but our Owner likes to call them Board of Directors.

In order to become a member of the Board of Directors, you must…

  • Be promoted from Intern to Board of Directors.
  • Choose to train as a Board of Directors during our Internship Program.
  • Be recommended by a Flight Host+.

Department Head

These folks are the people who run each rank, such as Captains, First Officers, etc. They are responsible for maintaining and training each and every one of their LR’s. The BoD helps them out a whole lot.

In order to become a Department Head, you must…

  • Pass the Internship Program
  • Choose to be a Department Head during the program.
  • Be recommended by a BoD+.

Chief Operational Officer

These dudes are the people that operate and maintain the airport during a flight. They handle all of the Lower Ranks and are always on the ground. They will switch from airport to airport during each flight. They are wherever the plane is.

In order to become a COO, you must…

  • Have been an Intern.
  • Be a BoD for over two weeks.
  • Be promoted and recommended by all BoE’s.
  • Pass a training.

How to Host a Training

So, you want to host a training, do you? Well here is what you must do.

  • Announce the training via the Staff Announcements channel in the discord.
  • Have everything ready and prepared at Cancun, this depends on what rank you are training. If you are training Captains and First Officers you will need to have a plane spawned.
  • Wait for 15 minutes then slock the server.
  • Welcome the staff by doing the following…

Greetings! We are acutely delighted to have you here with us today. My name is [name] and I will be your Host today. This is [co-host name] she/he will be your Co-Host today. All questions should be directed to her. You will be training for [rank]. Before we start please make sure you are paying full attention to the rules and expectations as they are very important.

You are required to be mature, active, well mannered, and most of all respectful. We expect each and every staff member here to use grammar and complex sentences when speaking to a passenger. When working within the airport you are expected to be very professional as you are required to be a role model.

Our rules are as follows.

  1. Admin Abuse is prohibited and will result in suspension.
  2. Disrespect is not allowed what so ever. It will result in a demotion to Trainee.
  3. You must be over the age of 13 for communication purposes.
  4. All staff are equal, whether you are a trainee or executive. We expect all staff to be treated the same.
  5. You are required to use grammar and be professional.
  6. You must fulfill a level of activity each week.
  7. You are not allowed to complain about your payment.
  8. You must have a good attitude at all times.
  9. You need to be able to speak fluently and get your points through easily.
  10. Enjoy your work here, have fun, and make a legacy with us!

Need more information on how to host a training for each rank? Check out our full training handbook!

How to host an Interview

This is one of the biggest and important things we do here at BlueWings. We always are looking for capable staff. When you are interviewing you need to make sure you look at their attitude, work ethic, and vocabulary. We want only the best staff. Nothing less.

Here are all the steps on how to host an Interview.

  • Announce it via the announcements channel.
  • Have all current interns attend as interviewers.
  • Any person ranked above Flight Host must be dismissed unless needed.
  • Wait for 15 minutes so all interviewees may join.
  • Slock the server and make sure you and the Co - Host are on stage ready to speak.
  • Tell everybody to be seated and quiet.
  • Have all Interns get to the interview rooms.
  • Say the following statement to the interviewees.

Greetings! Welcome to this Interview session. My name is [name] and this is your Co-Host [name]. We are very happy that you have taken interest in a career with us. Here are our main expectations and rules we expect you to follow as a staff member with us.

Here at BlueWings, we expect the entirety of our staff team to be well knowledged with some to little past experience. Our staffing department expects to see maturity, fluent language use, and a love for aviation when interviewing you. They expect to see full details and grammar. Without these primary factors, you will fail your interview.

Our rules are as follows.

  1. During your interview, you are required to have a professional attitude. You must prove to us that you have what it takes to work here, and you must use qualitative sentences in order to pass. Grammar and proper language are required in order to work here. If you are bilingual make sure to inform us as it may increase your chances of passing.

  2. While you work here you are expected to be respectful, disrespect is not tolerated. Deciding to show rudeness or disrespect towards another staff member or passenger is forbidden and will result in an instant trial for yourself.

  3. You are required to be able to have a decent activity level, you must be able to fill an activity quota each week. If you do not you may be suspended. We require all of our staff to be active as we want to be able to be known for our staff being active and dedicated.

  4. Please remember that we cannot mention every rule, use common sense as it is required.

  5. Have fun while you’re here! Leave a legacy with us and make sure you are a role model for others.

  • Have the interviewees line up and teleport each of them to an interviewer.
  • Supervise the interns as they interview and help them if needed.
  • Tell the server that interviews may begin then let interns do their stuff.

NOTE: Give Interns instructions by PM’ing them. You should PM them when they need to teleport the interviewees, etc.

Interns Interview Guide

When the host PM’s you make sure you follow each command. You are to have everything prepared when you get into your interview office. Here is everything you need to do when an Interviewee arrives at your office.

Hello! My name is [name] and I will be interviewing you. I’m super excited that you want to work here and I can’t wait to see what you do! Make sure to answer each question with full detail.

You need to have 3+ Sentences on each question I ask. You also need to use grammar in everything. Remember that we love to read! You will have 3 minutes to answer each question. No more.

Are you ready to begin?

(If they say yes then do the following if no then you need to ask why. Also, make sure to PM the questions to them. )

  1. Why do you want to work with us here at BlueWings?

  2. What will you bring to our staff team?

  3. Why are you better than other interviewees?

  4. Do you have any past experience with aviation?

  5. Explain in detail what an airline is.

  • If they use under 3 sentences on each question fail them.

  • If they don’t seem capable or made many mistakes during the interview fail them.

  • If they don’t meet requirements fail them.

  • If they don’t have a good personality and are immature fail them.

  • If they exceeded and did well and met all requirements then pass them and PM the host.

Here is what you tell them when they fail/pass

I apologize, but you have failed due to not meeting requirements and not using full detail. You may always try again.

Kick them after that.

Congrats! You just passed and will be ranked shortly. We are all proud of you. We can’t wait to see what you bring to the team!

TP them to an HR.

That’s about it for the interviewing unit of this handbook!

Reviewing applications

Only staffing department members may read or review applications. It’s a great privilege and requires lots of grammar skills, English skills in general, etc.

When reviewing an application you must look for the following criteria.

  • Does the applicant use lots of detail and grammar with 5-6+ Sentences?
  • Does the applicant have a passion and joy for aviation?
  • Does the applicant understand our standards and requirements?
  • Does the applicant seem capable of working here?
  • Does the applicant have past experience?
  • Does the applicant clearly state why he/she wants to work here?
  • Does the applicant speak fluently and clearly?
  • Does the applicant have any past records with other airlines?

If the applicant you are reviewing has most of these qualities they should pass.

If they pass make sure you DM them and tell them the following message.


the staffing department would like to congratulate you on passing your application. You showed us that you have met the required criteria to be a staff member with us. Once again, congrats and welcome to the staff team. You will be ranked to Trainee shortly and will have to pass a training and exam for your requested rank.

Staffing Department

That’s about it! If they failed then don’t message them at all.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!


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