BlueXander's Portfolio | GFX Artist & UGC Creator

Ahoy! My name is DuckXander but I also go by Xander!

I’m an artist with experience in Blender, Photoshop, and Roblox Studio. I mostly do cartoony works with small touches of realism. All of my textures are handpainted with Photoshop and my models with Blender.

I specialize in modeling which I have been doing since June 2021

So far I’ve worked for a variety of different people and on a couple of different projects:

UGC Concepts
All of the concepts listed below are within the set UGC limits.

Kawaii Mini Fridge

1,192 verts, 1,984 tris.

Bamboo Panda Umbrella

1,199 verts, 2,292 tris.

Ghost Watcher Goggles

1,189 verts, 2,230 tris.

Cherry Bunny Mask

1,193 verts, 2,226 tris.

Cute Bear Purse

1,196 verts, 2,183 tris.

Organic Plush Friend

1,090 verts, 899 tris.


1,070 verts, 814 tris.

Bunny Toy Phone

1,195 verts, 2,096 tris.

Cloudy Backpack

1,199 verts, 1,076 tris.

The Axe Of Loving

1,052 verts, 1,052 tris.

Loving Angel Backpack

1,198 verts, 2,276 tris.

The Sword Of Loving

846 verts, 1,524 tris.

Layered Clothing UGC Concepts

Love Sweater

618 verts, 1,264 tris.

Strawberry Sweater

464 verts, 886 tris.

Old UGC Concepts

UGC Archive
Pink Cute Fluffy Bunny Backpack

1,162 verts, 2,262 tris.

RoBunny Gaming Pal

1,102 verts, 2,082 tris.

Pink Bunny Fuzzy Hood

1,039 verts, 2,018 tris.


1,190 verts, 2,008 tris.

Penguin Keychain

1,169 verts, 2,230 tris.

Honey Bear Jar

1,195 verts, 2,174 tris.

Cute Sea Bunny Backpack

1,070 verts, 2,048 tris.

Strawberry Mint Boba

1,196 verts, 2,242 tris.

Chubby Corgi with Baguette

587 verts, 1,128 tris.

Cute Blue Bag

1,197 verts, 2,104 tris.

Brown Balloon Bear

1,138 verts, 2,168 tris.

Sneeks Shoe Backpack

1,200 verts, 2,134 tris.

Pink Fluffy Bag

1,149 verts, 2,316 tris.

Floatie Bunny

1,128 verts, 2,212 tris.

Chubby Bunny

548 verts, 1,048 tris.

GFX Renders
Not too well versed in renders, but I find them pretty fun and could do some if needed.


You can contact me by sending a Twitter or a Discord message to my account, @DuckXander, DuckXander#8010 or alternatively a PM on the Devforum.

Thanks for taking the time to read my portfolio! :yellow_heart:


Hi! I would love to be able to contact you on Discord, but the tag is not working, fix it so I can add you.

Hey! My tag is X’ander#9999, its fully correct. I dont know why it didnt work? But what is your discord tag?

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