Blurring part of the UI


I know the BlurEffect class exists, but I don’t understand how The Conquerors 3 accomplishes this blurred background frames effect:

TC3 Lobby at graphics level 1:

Lobby at graphics level 21:

Are there specific images that can achieve this effect?


Those are neon parts. They’re scaled to a small size and placed directly in front of the camera to achieve some sort of a blurred frame effect.

Think of turning a 3D object and solving the X and Y axis for a 2D plane, and then placing that solved object directly in front of the camera. The third axis for the 3D object (Z) is your depth. The scale for size compared to depth is 1/z.

I hope this helps!

How would I use a blur with GUI elements?

Locard explained it all. But yes this is something very cool that I think will be apart of many new games.


And if the math is getting you down, I made a module for doing those techniques at one point in order to make this and some other stuff.