Blurry images in studio

Hi, im using “PIXLR” an editor that can edit images but when i imported it in the roblox studio, it will become blurry


Truth is the Roblox engine uses something called Bilinear scaling for images this causes scaled images to be blurry. Sadly there is nothing you can realistically do to fix this issue but maybe struct your ui differently.

Have you tried importing a lower resolution image?

Apparently studio lowers the resolution of the image to 720p or something, but in game it should be fine?

i tried playing it (in the studio) its blurry

Yeah. If you play it on roblox it shouldnt be.

Sorry if I wasnt clear.

Roblox automatically downscales all images over 1024px in size, so this may have a part to play. Try setting the image resolution to something below 1024px and see if it’s still blurry.

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I suggested this… apparently OP did or did not try it, but i never received a response:

I know one game that splits the loading screen into multiple images, making it look like a high quality full image.

A bit late of a reply, but I thought it was interesting.