"Blurry" sound effect help

Hello devs!
I wanted to do “blurry” sound effect, but idk how so i need help
I wanna do effect sound like on video when he shots(3:00)

Also here some my progress

Sorry for my grammar


There’s nothing wrong with what you’ve currently got! I’d just keep that.

The timing is a little bit off though, is that what you’re asking?

Well that is a good replication the only thing that needs work is the timing and the pitch of the sound.

I asking how to make blur sound effect like on first video, when this guy shoot after flashbang from spas sound of shot like blurry and i wanna do same for all sounds

Sound works good just roblox recorder is laggy

I’m assuming the word you’re looking for is “muffled”

Check this out:

Along with compressersoundeffect there are many other sound effects you can apply to audio.

Maybe it is but i trying to change some parameters and i dont see visible result, can you tell me right parameters?

Hey! I’ve had the same problem before, but a few hours ago, I found a solution. :grin: The sounds you want to make muffled must be connected to 1 SoundGroup (You can do It through the properties or a script) and In that SoundGroup there should be a Sound Effect.
So, for example, when your grenade explodes, you simply enable the Sound Effect and every sound connected to the group will be muffled. (I’d recommend enabling It through the LocalScript so the others wouldn’t hear the effect) :smile:

Thanks but i dont know which sound effect i need to use and with what parameters

Try EqualizerSoundEffect with these properties:
HighGain = -80
LowGain = 10
MidGain = -15