Blurry text on Billboard gui on mobile

Hello all,
Billboard gui text on mobile is very very blurry

Can I make it sharp and nice?

Your probably using low amount of pixels per stud, kick it up a notch to like 150 and it should stop being blurry
And make the gui’s scale and not offset if not done already

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The information in the SurfaceGui is a little bit blurred due to the graphics quality on your mobile device. Depending on the value of the quality, it will render a specific amount of graphics during the gameplay for better performance.

Sadly this doesn’t change anything. On max graphic settings on mobile the text is still unreadable

there is a property called pixels per stud i suppose? increase it and it will do the trick!

I’ve already set it to like 300, doesn’t work

Then your phone has too low pixels go to developer settings and crank the dpi i think

set it to 3000 then tell me again.