Blurry text transition

Hi all,
I’ve been trying to make an UI based off of iOS and I’ve come to an issue where blurring is not a thing on Roblox on SurfaceGui, not to confuse with ScreenGui where many have seen workarounds by adding a Blur Effect in Lighting.

This is what I’m looking to do.

Is it possible to make a blurry transition from changing a text to a different text without having to fade it in and out with TextTransparency instead?

Ignore the album cover for this, just the text.

As far as I know, I don’t think this is possible yet. I think there’s a way to make the blurred text as an image, and when it fades out the real text fades in, which can probably mimic the effect, but it’s really inconvenient and doesn’t look good

I think you mixed up SurfaceGui with ScreenGui as you can on Surface and not on Screen. Anyways no you can not blur a gui that is in ScreenGui only billboard or surface.

That’s really unfortunate then… :frowning_face:

Yeah I tried blurring a text and uploaded it as an image and it wouldn’t really show the blur, instead it’s just gray…

Yea unless roblox plans on adding more support for gui.

UI Blurring has been a question for about a year or two now, just never mentioned by Roblox ever and never recognized by them

Only thing I can suggest you is make blurred variant of text, and tween it with unblurred one. But it will be hard to script.

Now the issue with that unfortunately (good workaround yeah), is that the images load it the second they are visible, I tried pre-loading with ContentProvider service and that still didn’t work unfortunately, which means this kind of blur effect will look choppy and not smooth.

Use sprite list. And ImageRectSize/Offset. So, it will load once.

I saw a gui blur module once you could use that and change the transparency of the blur depending on the amount