BMWLux [GFX Portfolio]

About Me

Hi there! I BMWLux, a gfx designer! I specialize in thumbnails and icons! I have been doing GFX for 1 year now and understand a lot!


You can see some of my artwork here!
Notes: (Icon Of Chuck Noobs Simulator, All Thumbnails, Icon, Game-passes Of Le Bloxy and Thirt Street)

(18) Chuck Noobs Simulator - Roblox

(18) Le Bloxy - Roblox

(18) Thirteenth Street - Roblox


I am available at long as you need. I will always tell you right away if I am not due to other commisions.


Prices are dependant upon how hard/detailed the job is.

750 - 1.5k Thumbnail
500 - 1k Icon
250 - 750 Ad
250 - 750 Gamepass


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord at BMWLux#6679

Thanks for taking your time to read this. Hope to work with you.

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