Boar Hat Build!

I made Boar Hat In The Seven Deadly Sins

My Model
sorry about here im cant use blender

Let Feedback


Looks really good to me! Nice job! :smiley:

I like the model you have made but more perfect that you make using a texture because texture on the first photo much more beautiful and eye-catching and I really want to see the texture in the studio and how it looks. anyway, keep going and I gonna see you next time…

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Really nice actually! I rate that a 8.5/10 and i would pay 400-600 robux for that build! Keep up with the amazing work! Really eye-catching.

thank you for feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve moved this to Cool Creations, which is the place to get feedback on your creations. I’ve also removed the tag from your title–that’s what the “optional tags” section is for :slight_smile:

Looks amazing! Could do with some more detail to the roof I think but overall brilliant build. :100:

i made inside too!

looks great, but i would suggest texturing it, inside looks fantastic

Wow looks insane! 30(oofoofoof)

A very nice, simple design. I would recommend adding a bit more detail to your house so it could stand out a lot more.

Since your boar house lacks a few detail to it, I would definitely add some variation to the roof. You could do this by making the roof out of tiles and using different roof shapes such as pattern tiles, wooden shingles, colored shingles, ect. The roofs on boar houses and in images sticks out a little that will make the roof have a little more depth you could get some ideas/examples or using the image above.

Maybe try adding other materials on the building use another texture for the roof or even upload some realistic ones from

Otherwise it’s a good build.

i dont why texture not loading in this mesh

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Looks really nice and looks cool good job

Add different textures, try to play with lighting a bit. Current colors give us 2015 vibes, and I don’t think we want it.

Wow, it matches it really well! With a little texture, it will be perfectly matched!

What a profound job you did! I would work on the roof, because the original has a variety of wood types/colors. Anyways, nice job!

Looks great, I would suggest you try to make the entire thing in blender but that’d take a while. The only things I’d change is A. instead of using materials from roblox, use textures in blender and B. change the material on the bottom (green floor) to actual planks of wood, it’d really compliment the building. hope this helped