Boardgame ---> Roblox Game

Are we allowed to make a roblox game based on a board/card game if we add a twist to it. For example if I wanted to recreate firetower (Fire Tower | Board Game | BoardGameGeek) I would change the game in a major (new tiles, randomized map, 8 new events, diffrent cards, etc). I would not use any of the names or advertising from the original game. Would this be allowed?


I don’t see why it wouldn’t be allowed, as long as you’re not infringing on their IP.

Also, for topics like these, please use the #help-and-feedback category.

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Thanks! sorry about using the wrong catagory. I thought it was ok as it was dev discussion and to me this seemed like something that belongs here.

How do i go about moving it to the correct catagory (if thats even possible)?

Edit 2: Figured out how to move it : )

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