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Version 0.3.3 (April Fools Update)
This update changed the game for April Fools. The following log includes anything that was added on release.


  • Added new crate (Wholesome Crate)


  • Fixed being able to unbox a crate after owning every item
  • Fixed hazard warnings having lighting influence
  • Fixed image bleeding on the sidebar icons


  • Removed violence

General Changes

  • Updated logo
  • “Next Up” section of tiles will now be hidden when playing on Mystery
  • Crates will no longer award a duplicate item if the item in specific has already been rolled a handful of times



Hello Boarders! Bill here, creator of the very game you’re playing!

Today is a very special day for our game. Why’s that, you ask? Well, after receiving feedback from the team at ROBLOX, our game is now open to all ages! As games these days are getting much too graphic, violent, and “edgy”, as the kids say, we felt the need to create a new, safer space for today’s youth. As a result, I’ve now rebranded my game from BattleBoards, to Boards!

Gone are the harsh, violent actions of bombing your enemies or dropping anvils on their poor heads! Now, every action is 100% supportive and child-friendly - Throw parties for your friends, shower them in confetti - but don’t step on any plastic bricks or perfume lying around!

We at Boards hope that by expanding our audience in such a friendly manner, we truly become a hallmark of getting your parents child-friendly entertainment for the years to come.

Version 0.3.3a
This patch removes the April Fools jokes.


  • Readded tile info highlights


  • Removed Wholesome Crate

General Changes

  • Returned tiles to normal
  • Returned logo to normal