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Welcome to Boardwalk!

:wave: Hello everyone! Boardwalk is a restaurant owned by Vorcets. With our signature Boardwalk, great staff, customer relations, and our unique atmosphere, we are sure you will have an amazing stay. – From hip-hop to rap, house, techno, and EDM, we have music for everyone to make your visit an even better one – Join Boardwalk today, and let a little ocean sunshine into your day!

Boardwalk was founded in December of 2019 by Vorcets, and is reopening late of October 2020.

Boardwalk Group

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At Boardwalk, we strive for excellence, and an overall fun and friendly community for everyone. In order to achieve this, there are certain rules that you must follow.

Rules for Everyone

  • Respect everyone
  • Follow the ROBLOX Rules and guidelines
  • You will be held responsible for any and all of your actions. Think before you do something.
  • If you leave the group, you cannot receive your previous position back if you rejoin.
  • All gamepass and developer product purchases are final. There are no refunds.

Rules for Staff

  • Grammar is not required for any low ranks, but is highly recommended. You must be understandable, though.
  • Stay professional, mature, and be polite to your co-workers and customers.
  • Please display a positive attitude when working.
  • Do not cheat the point system when working. If you are caught, it will call for a punishment up to an including termination.
  • Customer satisfaction is very important. The customer should leave happy and wanting to return in the future.
  • Do not ask for a promotion, unless you have the correct amount of points. It has to be earned.
  • If a customer is breaking a rule, please report it to the management team. We advise you use our communications server, but the group wall is also allowed if there are no management in game.
  • Please do not argue with employees. If there is a problem, please report it to a TA+.

Customer Rule Infractions

If you break a rule, you may receive a punishment or a warning. Punishments are based off the severity of your infraction, and can range from a warning to a permanent ban.

  • Warning

  • Temporary Ban

  • Permanent Ban

Staff Rule Infractions

If you are a staff member and break a rule, it may result in a warning to an including termination. Punishments are based off the severity of your infraction.

  • Warning | Upon first offense

  • 3 day suspension from your current position | Upon second offense

  • Demotion | Upon third offense

  • Termination | Upon fourth offense

*Please note: Based off of the managers judgement, a warning could be skipped and could lead right to a suspension, demotion, or termination based off of the severity of the infraction.

Group Games

This game serves as our restaurant/main game for our company. Here you can order food, work as an employee, and have a great time!
[WINTER] Boardwalk Restaurant - Roblox

Training Center
Here, you can attend trainings to get better at your job, progress in our company, and get promoted! Trainings are not being hosted for the time being, but will be hosted in January. Right now, we go off off a point system.
Training Center - Roblox

Application Center
At our application center, you can apply for a job to join our team!
Boardwalk | Application Center - Roblox



Customer: A customer or regular of Boardwalk.
Noted Customer: A retired Executive, temporarily suspended from his or her duties, or pending and under investigation member of our management team.
Awaiting Training: A new member of our team.

Crew Members

Trainee: Our newest addition to the team - still in training, and learning.
Crew Member: A more experienced low rank. Has memorized most recipes, and received all required points to be promoted.
Head Crew Member: Very experienced crew member on their way to withholding more responsibility. Has memorized all recipes, and received all required points to be promoted.
Crew Leader: Helps out the crew members with any concerns they might have. Handles trollers well, able to lead a team.


Training Assistant: Training Assistants are tasked with assisting in trainings, and dealing with difficult situations in the restaurant. To obtain this rank, a Crew Leader must pass the TA application, and the management licensing program.
Restaurant Supervisor: Restaurant Supervisors are responsible for hosting and attending trainee trainings. In the restaurant. they are tasked with assisting the managers to make sure the restaurant operations run smoothly without any issues.
Restaurant Manager: The Restaurant Managers are tasked with the general operation of the restaurant and ensuring that every aspect of the restaurant is running smoothly with zero issues. They also are able to host trainings and help train staff.

Executive Administration:

Executive Assistant: The Executive Assistants are tasked with different responsibilities depending on the department they are a member of. They assist the Department Manager in tasks they need to have completed.
Department Manager: Each department manager is assigned to a different department. They manage their assistants, lead the Executive Assistant Team, and have their own responsibilities for their departments.
Senior Vice President: The Senior Vice Presidents are tasked with managing their assigned team. They are to ensure that everyone is doing their job in a timely and efficient matter.
Executive Vice President: The Executive Vice President is tasked with assisting the CEO with his daily workload. He also oversees the Senior Vice President to make sure everything is running smoothly. They are tasked with implementing new systems to ensure Boardwalk runs smoothly and without problems.
President & CEO: The CEO of Boardwalk is responsible for the overall operation of the company, and Boardwalk’s development.

Training Session Information

At the current moment, training sessions for low ranks are not being hosted. This is due to the lack of Training Assistants and management staff members, and the fact that there are not enough members requiring training to make it worth the time and effort. Once Boardwalk hits a certain amount of members, we will begin to host trainings. Until then, once an application is sent, Trainee’s have access to the employee only areas and can work. Our method of training is mentorship - Trainee’s will be trained by their fellow peers during work hours, and by any management who notices any mistakes on their part. To be promoted, there is a point system in place. When reached the required amount of points, you may let a Restaurant Manager+ know with proof, and you will be promoted.

50 points - Trainee>Crew Member
125 points - Crew Member>Head Crew Member
300 points - Crew Leader
This is subject to change at any time.

Partnership Information

Thank you for your interest in wanting to start a relationship with Boardwalk! Boardwalk is always looking for new groups to collaborate and form positive relationships with. If you would like to partner with us, please DM a member from our Communications department in our communications server if you meet the following requirements!


  • Group must have at least 1000 members.
  • Group must be active.
  • Group must be organized and conduct themselves professionally.
  • Group must be willing to shout and attend Boardwalk events.
  • There must be 2 group representatives deployed in our communications server.
  • Group representatives must communicate with our team on a regular basis.
  • Members of your management team must not break rules at our games.

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, please DM a member of our management+ team for assistance. Thank you for your interest in Boardwalk!

Best regards,
Vorcets, President & CEO