Boba | Patch Notes 1.0.2


V3 Patch Notes - 1.0.2

Our team has been hard at work with Boba V3 for the last couple of months, and we finally released it to the community earlier today. As expected, this brought a couple of bugs that we have been fixing for the past couple of hours.


  • Pool noodles can now be used to hit other people, which causes a small knockback to be applied to their character.
  • The server count has been changed to 70.

Fixed Issues

  • Players can no longer spawn under the map.
  • Badges should now function correctly.
  • The “unlimited fun pass” gamepass will now function properly.
  • Collisions being disabled should now apply to all players.
  • All admin UIs should now show, and the commands that were broken should be fixed as well.
  • Mobile users can now use the command bar with a button above their toolbar.
  • Baristas can no longer tip themselves.

Known Issues

  • The 10 days of free celebrity feature for premium users does not function correctly and will error when it is used.
  • Some seating areas may be “double-seated”.

Thank you to everybody who reported bugs to us. Please continue to do so if you encounter any gameplay issues.