Boba | Patch Notes 1.0.5


V3 Patch Notes - 1.0.5

Our team has been hard at work patching bugs that arose with the release of V3, and we’ve made some decent progress since the last patch.


  • We have put a new order logging system in place allowing us to keep a closer eye on those who are suspected of point cheating.
  • MRs+ now receive a notification when cashiers create orders for them.

Fixed Issues

  • The spinning Boba statue above the cafe, as well as the spinning water fountain have both been fixed so that they do not expand anymore.
  • Tip jars cannot be used in VIP servers.
  • Points are not awarded for creating orders with the order system in VIP servers.
  • Points are not awarded for preparing orders in the kitchen in VIP servers.
  • Cashiers with the celebrity pass can no longer prepare orders.
  • The point ranking system will now only rank you if you are the rank directly below the one you have enough points for.

Known Issues

  • Some seating areas may be “double-seated”.
  • Firework sounds are unable to be muted.
  • Fireworks display a drinking animation instead of a placing down animation when used due to an animation ID mismatch.

Planned Updates

  • Trash Cans
  • Celebrity Spawning Changes
  • Help Command/UI
  • Usernames under pictures on order UI

Thank you to everybody who reported bugs to us. Please continue to do so if you encounter any gameplay issues.

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