Boba Stop a cafe I made!

Hello! I am working on a Roblox Cafe! I want to get some FeedBack of my build and scripts!
Let me know if you like it and even send some suggestions! <3

Boba Stop

We are hiring as well! See you around. <3

Thanks for viewing my creation already @CrillicD <3


Very good game, although I have found some things that you could improve on.

The first thing that stood out to me was the teams. It is very confusing to know who is Staff and Who is a moderator. I would suggest having a Customer Team, Staff Team, Supervision Team and Executive Team. (You probably could come up with much more creative names.)

Another thing I noticed was the UI, there is not a lot of it. I would suggest adding some more menu options.

There is also a very large sign at spawn, it is very distracting and takes some of the games aesthetics away.

It is good to give credit to fan builds, but I would add a little sign at the spawn.

The final thing that stood out was the empty space, I would suggest adding some decoration to the open space or possibly a rug or a que.

Some things I did like were the friendly staff, they are very professional when it comes to customer support. The UI already in game was very well made. The building was great too!

Please do not take anything harshly, I want to do my best to help the community out and sometimes that could be with constructive criticism.


Thank you! And I will stick with your suggestions!

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Looks great! It has a nice, simple design. But, what are these odd looking spots in the middle of the floor? They look very out of place.


It was suppose to be a spill script but it broke. We will fix them! Thanks for the Feedback though! <3

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well made game! 10/10, I would try looking into how that guy backdoor’d hacked through your game, but overall fun!, also maybe custom seat animations?

I like it a lot. My problem is the thumbnail, it is only covering a certain space, maybe you can make a gfx, it can definitely be improved, but the game itself is really good!

Fixed! Thanks for checking it out! <3

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Like it, it’s way better, good job! Hope this goes well for you :smiley:

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