Bobbing Textlabel?

Hi! I have a question here, I am trying to make a text bob up and down and fade in and out using UDIM2, I am able to make it move up but not down, down but not up. Also, I dont know how to make it fade in and out. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

what do you mean “I am able to make it move up but not down, down but not up.”

Is it either down or is it either up?!

Also to fade there’s a property called BackgroundTransparency and another one called TextTransparency, use both simultaneously to make the fade effect.

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I’d recommend using TweenService for moving objects, and knowing how to create one. If you’re attempting to make the fading animation, you’d tween TextTransparency or whatever - this also goes with moving the text.

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Are you using tween service/ tween position? If you don’t have the override property of TweenPosition set to true and try to tween the textlabel while another tween is in progress, the first tween will keep playing and the tween you’re trying to play won’t play.

make sure you have the property set to true:

here’s an example:

local textLabel = script.Parent
local startPosition = textLabel.Position

while true do
	textLabel:TweenPosition(startPosition +,0,.1,0), "Out", "Quad", 1, true)
	textLabel:TweenPosition(startPosition, "Out", "Quad", 1, true)
	textLabel:TweenPosition(startPosition +,0,.2,0), "Out", "Quad", 1, true)

when i press play it looks like this:
if i had the same code as above, but didn’t set override to true it’d have a chance of ignoring a tween making it seem like your gui isn’t moving up

demo place: demo for u.rbxl (20.4 KB)

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