Body Color R6 > R15


So in my game, players can change their characters. When character changing, some accessory are removed / added and the character color need to change.

The problem is that i just noticed the classic “BodyColor” is mainly made for R6 characters and not R15 characters.

The body color make us able to change the color of each character parts for R6 but in a R15 character the body color change everything.

Like “LeftArmColor” for example, in a R15 character, it change the color of “UpLeftArm”, “LowLeftArm” and “LeftHand”, there is no way to do a different color for each parts, and i want to put a different color on these parts.

Do you know if there is something to make a BodyColor for R15 character, or i need to change each parts color by myself in a script ?