Body part moves the entire rig even doe its not the torso

So I made a custom rig on roblox studio and i want to move the entire character by moving one of the torso parts

But i roblox thinks a different body part is the torso part I Rarely use r15 unless its for a custom rig so i dont know alot about r15

i found no solutions online

I Tried renaming the parts Restarting roblox studio and nothing happend And when i rotate the character it just spins very fast

Did you anchor the Root Part? Which isn’t animateable?

I think I didn’t understood it at total…

But in the R15, the real Torso part is the LowerTorso

the root part is unanchored just roblox thinks a different body part is the torso

is there a way to make roblox studio think another body part is the lower torso

Anchor the root part and try again. Show me how the rig is actually rigged

You need to edit the rig (using a rig editor plugin to be easier)

Roblox Studio doesn’t “know” what limb is your Torso, all it requires is a Head and RootPart. What do you exactly mean by “it thinks the torso is another part”?

uh um normally you would use the lower torso to move the entire body what im trying to say is that its another body part thats moving the body instead of the lower torso

That means your rig isn’t set up properly.

That’s the rig.

The main R15 parts are all connected to LowerTorso, that’s why when you move it, all moves.

You need to edit the rig joints so the most of them connect to the part you want.

im probably gonna try to fix the rig tommorow cuz im too lazy to do it rn

Off topic: And also you wont do now because Roblox got down 10 seconds ago

First of all roblox isnt down for me Second of all i tried that and it messed up the body parts Every time i move a limb its moves the entire body

Which plugin do you use to rig?

(And roblox is online again, it was down just for some mins)

i use edit rig plugin… does that make a difference

Some plugins don’t work correctly.

That plugin works correctly (I use it and never failed)

So that means you rigged it wrongly…
Try checking some rigging tutorials if you can’t do it.

i already know how to rig a character

basicly you just select humanoid root part first

btw the body part is near the torso So that could be the reason its moving the entire thing