BodyMover that all Clients can Interact with


I am working with BodyPosition and BodyGyro for a physical object in my game; however, both of these require the part to have their Network Ownership set to the client for the clients to be able to interact with them.

I am having difficulties figuring out how to allow for it to work for all clients instead of just one at a time.

I would appreciate your help. Thanks,

BodyMover is the abstract base class for the set of legacy objects that exert forces to BasePart s in different way.
Its not an object that can be shared. Its a parent class of the BodyForce etc classes.

You’re probably better off getting the nearest player to the object (You most likely want to use DistanceFromCharacter) and then set the Network Ownership to the player which is closest to the object.

By default that’s what roblox does, unless you explicitly set it to a player or to the server.

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