BodyMovers destroying affected object

I have been having a lotta trouble with bodyMovers lately. In this particular case, i made a lift. So here’s the problem: for some reason, at any random time through the objects movement, the object and any players physically interacting with the object will be destroyed:

This only happens when the BodyPosition is being acted upon by a Tween. To make sure of something, i placed a part on the lift along with the player. As the part stayed and the player didnt, I can conclude that either the object’s destruction only takes players with it, leaving objects unaffected or the part happened to be in freefall on the time of destruction and not physically in contact with the lift, though this seems unlikely

You should use animation on the lift instead of tween BOTH platform AND character.

i havent been doing anything to the character. The BodyPosition inside the lift is the only thing being tweened

I do, however, like the idea of using a motor6d rather than CFraming or using BodyMovers. That might also work well in conjunction with player physics, i think ill try that

Instead of using a body position, you should use a tween. On the client, you can do a raycast to determine if the player is standing on the lift, and from there you can make it so the player stays “attached” by getting the offset and CFraming the humanoidrootpart accordingly. For more information, read here

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For the purpose im using this for, adding client side scripts for it would be rather impractical, though necessary if what im about to try doesnt work. Im going to employ a motor6d and a tween to move the lift, and if it ends up being skippy or broken by any other means i will try this instead

Through some experimenting, i can confirm that the object is not simply just being deleted, it is flying into oblivion between frames. To find this out, i put a part into the workspace, welded it to the object and placed it 5 studs or so above. When the object was destroyed, the part was too. This could only mean that the object flew into oblivion and took the part with it. This would also explain why plain parts are left unaffected, as they are not tethered to the object in any way. Players end up being destroyed with it due to Humanoid Platforms, a mechanic recently added to roblox that allows players to remain standing on physically active objects.

As to why this happens, i have no idea. I decided to change the MaxForce parameters from infinity, and set it to be just enough force to keep the object in place. And yet, somehow the BodyMover still finds enough force to yeet itself into oblivion in the blink of an eye. I can only conclude that this is a physics error, and i will have to find something other than BodyMovers to make this work.

This turned out to be the most viable solution, thank you