BodyPosition behaviour changed?

There’s some platfoms that go from point A to point B to point C, etc. when activated by a button. They operate using BodyPosition and nicely take along both players and other Humanoids.

As of a few days ago, the ‘power’ of these platforms seems to have weakened and the platforms sinks about 2-3 studs, resulting in the platform not properly reaching its destination any longer.

Only when for example a player or zombie touches the platform, it slowly moves back up to the desired position…

Anyone knows what’s up and is also experiencing weakened or stange BodyPositon (maybe Gyro too?) behaviour all of a sudden?

I am not sure, but double check the y value of the body position and the velocity. also maybe a snippet of code on how you are changing the position would be good.

I never changed any code or values. It all of a sudden changed, presumably a Roblox physics change/bug?

It literally just goes along the lines of
platform.BodyPosition.Position = workspace.Mid2.Position

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