BodyPosition is inaccurate

I have a BodyPosition with a Position of 0, 0.5, 0 in a 1x1x1 ball. Its MaxForce is 0, infinity, 0. The parts float above 0.5. It floats at around 0.63. If I remove the BodyPosition, it drops to the base, where it’s at 0.5 on the Y axis. I’m trying to use BodyPosition to keep it at 0.5 on the Y axis, touching the base, but BodyPosition is specifically causing it to float above that elevation.

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Doesn’t MaxForce generally only apply for countering gravity, and colliding with stuff? In this case, it seems like the D and P values are more at fault, as it’s failing to correct the collision properly.

If you delete the base, does it go to 0.5 properly, or will it still float?

The base has no effect. Even when the part is already at an elevation of 0.5, the BodyPosition pushes it up. D and P shouldn’t have any effect when the part’s already sitting stationary where it’s supposed to be.

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