BodyVelocity getting back to normal after changed

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  • I already achieved brakes for my airplane, but there’s a problem. The bodyvelocity will get back to normal once reduced.
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  • Yeah, nothing helped sadly.

Here’s the server-side code for the brakes. The airplane already has a bodyvelocity inside of the engine.

script.Parent.Parent.Events:WaitForChild("Brakes").OnServerEvent:Connect(function(client, state)
	local BodyForce = script.Parent.Parent:WaitForChild("MainParts"):WaitForChild("Engine"):FindFirstChild("BodyVelocity")

	BodyForce.Velocity = BodyForce.Velocity - script.Parent.Parent.MainParts.Engine.CFrame.LookVector * 1

I want to make it so once you brake, it stays at the reduced speed and doesn’t get back to normal.

In simulations like this you should have one “velocity” that is only ever added or subtracted from, not set. Its hard to say what to change without the rest of the code, but it looks like you probably have some other place that tracks speed, which takes back over after the brakes are released. Instead, that code should add velocity to the single place where velocity is tracked.

Yep, that’s the mistake i did. Thanks.

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