BodyVelocity moves with stuttering

So I’m trying to make a fish AI, but i have problems make the movement look smooth on the client.

I am currently using BodyVelocity for movement and a BodyGyro for stability. The movement of the fish AI looks perfect server-side :

But on the client on the other hand it moves with this stutter, and I can’t really understand why since I did :SetNetworkOwner(nil) for every BasePart that is in the composition of the AI:

Does anyone know why this could happen?

My guess is that it’s a network problem because of ping and whatnot.

Try setting the network owner to the player, that should get rid of the stuttering but I think you’d have to change the movement and whatnot to the client.

If I set the network owner to the player, what would be visible to the other players?

Yeah, they have full control of the BasePart in terms of its CFrame. Network ownership is what allows characters to work.

oh, ok thanks. It is now working for me.

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