Boho Salon General Handbook

Welcome to the Boho Salon General Handbook! Boho Salon was founded in 2017 by UYNXLA as the first and now known as the fastest-growing Salon on the platform. We offer a wide variety of diversity for our care treatments to our clients in order to give them the best possible visit to our Salon that is possible.

General Guidelines and Documentation:

Boho Rules and Regulations

Boho General Rules and Regulations

Apart from following Roblox’s Terms of Services, we have additional rules and regulations that we expect all guests and staff members to respect and abide by. Failing to comply with our regulations will result in consequences.

  • Cyberbullying is not permitted.
  • Trolling is not permitted.
  • Exploiting is not permitted.
  • Bypassing the chat filter and spamming is not permitted.
  • Swearing and derogatory language is not permitted.
  • Discrimination, racism, and homophobia are not permitted.
Rank Information

Boho Salon has a structured ranking system in order to follow a Chain of Command, this will explain each rank and its role as well as generalize what each section of Command is responsible for.

Client Ranks:

Client: This is role is designated to all users who join Boho Salon. Clients are the users who play the game and receive services from our staff team.

Noted Client: This role is designated to Boho VIPs and former HR+.

Low Ranks:

Awaiting Training: This role is designated to users who passed their application. In order to advance from this rank, you must attend a scheduled training session.

Stylist: This rank allows staff members to change clients’ outfits upon request.

Tattoo Artist: This rank allows staff members to give clients tattoos upon request.

Hair Dresser: This rank allows staff members to style clients’ hair upon request.

Receptionist: This role is designated to staff members who work behind the front desk. You may see a Boho receptionist booking appointments, checking in clients, or checking out clients.

Lash Technician: This rank allows staff members to install and remove clients’ eyelash extensions upon request.

Makeup Artist: This rank allows staff members to style clients’ makeup upon request.

Nail Technician: This rank allows staff members to paint, style, cut, and install clients’ nails upon request.

Wash & Dry Service: This rank allows staff members to wash and dry clients’ hair upon request.

Senior Stylist: This rank is designated for low ranks who are eligible candidates for Boho’s MR Team. If you are interested in finding out how to advance from Senior Stylist please visit “ Senior Stylist Promotion Information”.

Boho Management Ranks
Management Ranks are responsible for handling the daily Operations within the Salon, they oversee the Low Ranks and also assist with Trainings, Interviews, etc.

Assistant Supervisors: This role is the first medium rank to those who pass their MR application and complete their MR training. You may see our Assistant Supervisors supervising the salon or assisting in training sessions.

Salon Supervisors: This role is the second medium rank. You may see our Salon Supervisors supervising the salon, working behind the main register from time to time, or assisting in training sessions.

Assistant Managers: This role is the third medium rank. You may see our Assistant Managers supervising training sessions, supervising the salon, and working behind the main register from time to time.

General Managers: This role is the fourth medium rank. You may see our General Managers training Assistant Managers, supervising the salon, and supervising training sessions.

Boho Executive Ranks
Executive Ranks within Boho are held to the responsibility of overseeing the sessions and daily operations within Boho, along with maintaining our several Departments designated to ensure smooth operations with this establishment.

Board of Directors: This role is the first high rank. All Board of Directors is placed on an internship before they are put in their preferred choice of department.

Chief Public Relations Officers: This role is the second-highest rank. Our Chief Public Relations Officers are in charge of managing Boho’s alliances. You may see our Chief Public Relations Officers hosting community events, alliance visits, and alliance collaboration events.

Chief Staffing Officers: This role is the third-highest rank. Our Chief Staffing Officers are in charge of managing the staff. You may see our Chief Staffing Officers recruiting staff, handling inactivity notices, etc.

Chief Operations Officers: This role is the fourth highest rank. Our Chief Operations Officers are in charge of overlooking all of Boho’s operations.

Chief Executive Officers: This role is the fifth and last high rank. Our Chief Executive Officers are in charge of overlooking and managing both departments.

Boho Corporate Ranks
The Corporate Ranks within Boho are the Administrative side of this establishment, responsible for maintaining and overseeing everything they are in charge of taking care of both the Management and Executive Ranks.

Vice President: This role is held to the assistants of the President, typically handling major problems, complaints, and operations that the President cannot handle at the time.

President: This role is basically the head of Boho Salon, taking most things under their control to ensure smooth operations, other than reporting to the Co Founder with issues.

Co Founder: This role is for Auranie and xC_alebs who are in charge of maintaining all the staff and daily operations within Boho Salon.

Founder: The Founder of Boho Salon, this role is designated to UYNXLA, who maintains the Development and prosperity of our great Salon.

Training Information

Training Information

Congratulations on passing your Application or Interview at Boho Salon. Now in order to make it to the next stage in your career with us, you must complete training to demonstrate your knowledge and or expand it in order to proceed through our ranks!

Session Times:

  • Session 1: 8am EST

  • Session 2: 12pm EST

  • Session 3: 4pm EST

  • Session 4: 8pm EST

Please note here and there we host unscheduled training sessions. If you would like to receive a notification each time a training session, keep an eye on the group shout!

Extra Information:

Boho Management and Executive Teams follow strict guidelines, it is highly recommended you arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the session. Once the session hits XX:00, it will be immediately locked and no exceptions will be made.

Everyone in life has a busy schedule, unfortunately, our session times are typically held on time and we ask you appropriately plan and schedule which session you plan to attend if you know you will be AFK, please pick a different time that works optimally. Our staff does not like to chase down people who are unresponsive and will just remove you from the session if noticed.

We use the standard “PTS” system that every Roleplay group follows, no exceptions are made at Boho Salon. If you wish to ask a question or inquire about something, please say “PTS” and a Staff Member if available will come to you and answer it.

Boho Salon requires grammar to be used at all times within its establishment. Please ensure that you are using it within the Salon, Training Center, etc in order to give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding.

In Addition to that, if you pass the Training Session, please wait for the host to dismiss you that way we ensure you are appropriately ranked for the position you trained in. Leaving beforehand will give you the consequence of having to redo the session again.

Interview Information

Interview Session

Ever wanted to work at Boho Salon? No worries! This informative guide will assist you in preparing for your Interview to hopefully join our massive Family on Roblox. There are some criteria you are required to meet and you must be open to taking some time to do the Interview but all around we highly encourage doing Interviews.

Session Times

  • Session 1: 6:30 AM EST
  • Session 2: 10:30 AM EST
  • Session 3: 2:30 PM EST
  • Session 4: 6:30 PM EST

Furthermore, if you wish to take an Interview to work at Boho Salon, please refer to our Group Shout to watch for unscheduled sessions are we do sometimes host them. Once you have achieved Awaiting Training if you pass, we redirect you to the “Training Information” in order to best prepare yourself for what’s to come on your journey with us. If you are unable to meet the Interview times, no problem! Just visit our Quiz Center and take that instead.

Staff Requirements

Boho Staff Weekly Requirements

While we appreciate the time and effort everyone puts in, to ensure stability and smooth operations within Boho there is a minor requirement for both our Management and Executive Teams to follow basically our “criteria” guidelines that are needed to be met in order to remain with us.

Management Ranks(MRs):

  • Be in-game for a total of 30 minutes every week.
  • Attend 1 interview session every week.
  • Attend 1 training session every week.
  • Attend one shift every week.

Executive Ranks(HRs):

  • Host 1 shift at the salon every week.
  • Be in-game for a total of 30 minutes every week.
  • Host 1 interview session every week.
  • Host 1 training session every week.
  • Co-host 1 session every week (interview or training).
Promotion Information

Senior Stylist Promotion Information

Congratulations on obtaining Senior Stylist, you are now one step closer to joining Boho Salons’ Management Team! Please review the following information below to ensure your success in joining the Management Team.


  • Candidate must be a Senior Stylist.

  • Candidate must be at least 13 years old.

  • Candidate must be on our Discord server.

  • The candidate must have [blank] points.

  • Candidate must be active in the salon.

  • Candidate must display noteworthy work ethics.

We ask all Senior Stylists to refrain from doing the following things as it may hinder your chances of joining the Boho Management Team.

  • Hinting for a promotion.

  • Asking if they have been recommended or not.

  • Asking when applications are going to be released.

  • Asking about the status of applications after they have been released.

Alliance Information and Requirements

Boho Alliance Information

Thank you for showing interest in forming a partnership with Boho Salon. We take our alliances with high regard and are always looking for new ones to expand our connections within the Community! Within this section you will be given all the information needed to cooperate with us while we work towards, hopefully forming an alliance with your establishment.

Have any inquiries or questions about our partnerships? Please contact our Public Relations Team or Corporate Team for further assistance.

Boho Alliance Requirements

  • Your group must hold a minimum of 25,000 members in your community.

  • Your group must have concurrent members in at least one of your games throughout the day.

  • Your group must hold a reputable reputation on the platform.

  • Your group must be willing to announce all Boho-related events on your Discord server.

  • Your group must have no history of the free ranking.

  • Your group must provide Boho with 2 representatives to represent your establishment on behalf of this alliance.

Boho Application Process

If you have read both our Information and met the Requirements for Boho Salon, congratulations you are one step closer to forming an alliance with us. The final process is to fill out our application forum, explaining a bit about your establishment and how our partnership will allow us to build a strong bond between both communities! Good luck and we wish you the best.

Application: Alliance Request Forum

Our Social Links

Boho Salon Twitter
Boho Salon Group

On behalf of the Boho Corporate Team, we appreciate you taking the time to review our Public General Handbook and we hope you found it useful. For further inquiries or questions please direct it to a Management Member within Boho Salon.

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Boho Corporate Team

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