Bom Boi Devblog 1

I have had an idea for a platformer in my head for a while but was hesitant to start working on it because of my other platformer that I’ve been working on

but I have decided to start working on it don’t worry. I’m not giving up on honair’s haven my main platformer I’m still very dedicated to finishing it I’m just more taking a small break to make this game it will only be a demo so it shouldn’t take very long.
but I’m very excited to continue working on honair’s haven.

so lets get started

Hub world

Level 1

Level 2

Main Character

Current Gameplay

Ui Design Concept (not Finale)

this is most of the things I’ve made these past 2 weeks not too much but a good start I’ve
my idea for the gameplay is pretty unique but I won’t be talking about that until I implement the main gameplay mechanics.

cya in the next devblog!


Love the main character & map. Good job. Just one thing bothers me is the lighting, Other than that, I’m waiting to see more work from you. Looks like a very interesting platformer game.


forgot to mention but im planning on releasing a devblog each sunday

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I really like it! Only thing I gotta say tho, is the main characters eyes, maybe make them a little bigger, also what @lilmazen1234 said, unless you’re going for a really cartoony style

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Love it! I would change the character’s eyes tho, they’re kinda stretched and odd looking

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