Bomb Replication

So, I recently made a bomb and I need the bomb to do damage, and have the bomb shown to all clients. I read a few dev forum posts involving this, and the best answer I got was doing hit detection serverside and replication client sided. But how I show all the other players the Bomb, I know i can use Remotevents, but theres always a delay for the events. So what would be the best way to replicate the bomb on all clients?

No disgusting remote events required

You can use :FireAllClients() on the server to send every player the remote at the same time. Any delay would be caused by a poor connection or your server being incredibly laggy.

Remote events? Disgusting? I think you might have missed about 80% of server-client relations. Also, setting the network ownership isn’t going to change anything, we’re trying to prevent server lag by sending the heavy visuals to the client.

Thanks for the help man! Greatly Appreciated.

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Create the bomb in a server script, that way it’ll replicate across the entire server to each client.