Bondi Rescue Roleplay — Event Committee

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Welcome to the Bondi Rescue Roleplay Event Committee Department! This department consist of a small number of senior ranks, selected scrupulously by the Corporate Team. These individuals work collaboratively with the Head and Assistant Head of the department, to coordinate community events within our group.

How To Join

In order to be introduced into this prestigious position, you must await an opening in the department then submit an application. Each candidate is gone through a personal evaluation subsequent of their application, to assure they are a suitable choice for this team. For consideration, you must fulfill the listed prerequisites.

• Ranked Executive Assistant or above.
• Must display faultless grammar & punctuation in all long-answer questions.
• Must provide 3 + sentences on ant long-answer question.
• No unsatisfactory history in BRR.
• Ability to work well in a team.

Contact Information

Any questions or concerns in regards to the Event Committee department should be addressed with one of the listed users below accordingly.

Head of the Event Committee

Assistant Head of the Event Committee