Bondi Rescue Roleplay - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we as staff get asked. If you have anymore, feel free to reach out to us!

How can I become a better staff member?

The simplest things can make a big impact. From following all Rules & Regulations, to professionally rescuing Beach Guests in-need, everything you do makes you a finer functioning member of society. In order to become a better staff-member, I highly influence you to examine all the points stated in the ‘Staff Expectations’ portion; located in this Handbook.

How do I rank up from Trainee?

Upon obtaining the Trainee position by answering the questions correctly at our Quiz Centre, you will then become a semi-qualified Lifeguard on our Beach. To receive the next qualification, you must head over to the Automated Training Centre. You will be enlightened with our medical techniques, and what-to-do in emergency situations. If you pass the Automated Training, you’ll be ranked Junior Lifeguard from the Ranking Bot.

How do I become a High Rank?

At the start of every month, we release Intern Applications for those interested in joining the High Rank team. Although, this isn’t the only way of becoming a High Rank. If you demonstrate faultless behaviour and activity; there’s a chance you may be recommended from another High Rank/ Senior Rank for a promotion to Intern. Make certain to monitor #application-status in our Communications Server on the 1st of every month to be notified when Intern Applications open.

Keep note: you must be ranked Head of Management to be recommended for Intern

What is the aim of Weekly Meetings?

If you weren’t aware, the Bondi Rescue Roleplay Corporate Team hosts Weekly Meetings for our community to attend; everyone is welcome! From new projects, to our Weekly News —
we share essential information with our staff-members. One of the most exciting parts of Meetings is the promotions! These promotions are appointed to our Middle Rank to Senior Rank team for representing Bondi Rescue Roleplay indisputably throughout the week.

Can I have SafeChat to work here?

Yes, you can have SafeChat to work at Bondi Rescue Roleplay. Albeit, if you are interested in a High Rank position, you will be unable to apply.

What are Divisional Departments for?

Our Divisional Departments:

● Westpac Rescue Service
● New South Wales Police Force

Both of these Departments are side-groups you may join if you’re interested to pursue further at Bondi Rescue Roleplay.

Westpac Rescue Service is our medical-based Rescue Service; they drive Ambulances and Helicopters, and are the first point of contact if serious medical treatment is required.

New South Wales Police Force detects any aberrant Beach Guests, which may cause disruption to roleplay and events. They patrol in their special Police vehicles, looking for jeopardy.

Can I have a refund?

As stated in our Bondi Policy, refunds are not catered for. You buy a game-pass at your own risk. Located in our game-pass descriptions: “With that being said, there are no refunds in any shape or form for purchasing this rank.”

What is Cooldown?

Cooldown is applied to all staff members after recently receiving a promotion. Determined by your
rank, there is a period of time which you will need to wait before you may accrue another promotion.


Low Rank (Junior Lifeguard to Head Lifeguard): 2 days.
Middle Rank (Board of Lifeguards to Head of Management): 7 days.
High Rank (Intern - Executive Officer): 2 weeks.
Senior Rank (Executive Board to Head of Staff): 3 weeks.

Approved and signed by the Bondi Rescue Roleplay Corporate Team,