Bondi Rescue Roleplay - Staff Expectations

Staff Expectations

Our Staff Expectations listed are targeted towards the Middle Ranks, wishing to ascend into our High Ranking team. Notwithstanding, counting the points stated into your regime at an earlier stage can contribute to promotions in the nearby future.


Not only attending shifts to obtain promotions, personal promotions are handed out from the High Rank team for those who meet our basic standards. Activity is a huge factor when it comes to promotions. Even just 30 minutes to an hour + everyday can flaunt to our High Ranking team that you’re dedicated to your position, and want to pursue further in your career at Bondi Rescue Roleplay.

Professionalism & Maturity

Once again, professionalism falls under our basic standards for potentially obtaining a promotion. Your level of professionalism must be considered excessive to receive a personal promotion in our establishment. Accompanied with professionalism, maturity also slides into the standardized category. Being a mature member of our community also heightens your chances of a promotion.

Flexible Schedule

By having a flexible schedule to attend certain events, such as our Weekly Meetings at the Event Center β€” involve yourself in our community events, and still be active β€” you must pledge to make a commitment to our association.


In no-way, shape or form are you to hint for a promotion. By doing this, it leaves you with a great disadvantage in achieving promotions in future.


When off-duty, you are permitted to meet up with friends, and pardoned from your duties. Nevertheless, a certain level of work must be abided down at the Beach. Standing around Central Tower, yet not doing your duties whilst on the Waverly Council Lifeguards team is strictly forbidden and the High Ranks are authorized to distribute sanctions.

Approved and signed by the Bondi Rescue Roleplay Corporate Team,