Bones do not move character

I am extremely new to animating and have zero experience. When I created all of the joints in “LeftFoot” I can move the bones and it moves the character just fine except I can’t add any keyframes to the animation editor.

When I create all of the joints in HumanoidRootPart it allows me to add the keyframes but the bones do not move the character.

What can I do to fix this?


I do not have much experience animating meshes with rigs like this, but I believe this may be related to the recent animation editor update that introduced several bugs. I will try this with some of my rigs and get back to you.

Edit: Doesn’t seem to be happening on my end, guess I was wrong. Sorry.


Update: I resolved the issue on my own, the parts bones and Motor6D’s were parented to the wrong root part.

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