Bonton | Public Handbook

Welcome to Bonton! :wave:

— “Feel the Ocean Breeze”

Bonton is an upcoming Hotel establishment in the United Kingdom. Our primary focus is ensuring each Guest has an exhilarating hotel stay, whether in or out of state. We focus on each Guest’s experience, ensuring every Guest receives the utmost respect. Step into our lively hotel establishment and join us as we revolutionize the industry one Guest at a time.

This group is a new, upcoming establishment within the Roblox industry and will continue to grow as the player base expands. If you would like to help us on our journey to reshape the Hotel industry within the Roblox platform, you can find more information below. However, we have also implemented some rules and procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of our player base. It’s important to note that following these rules and guidelines may result in a dismissal from our establishment and community server.

  • I.) Advertising

Please do not place any advertising content anywhere throughout our in-game experiences or via our communications server.

  • II.) Discrimination

Discrimination against religion, sex, politics, etc., will not be tolerated.

  • III.) Drama

Please do not start or escalate any situation that may cause drama with any community member.

  • IV.) Controversial Topics

Any topics that may be or become controversial (politics, religion, etc.) are strictly prohibited.

  • V.) Links

Please do not send any links while chatting with our community. We maintain a friendly and positive atmosphere here, and to uphold this standard, we kindly request that you refrain from using any profanity or vulgar language.

  • VI.) Swearing

As we want this to be a friendly environment, please do not include swear words in your conversation.

  • VII.) Impersonation

Impersonation is forbidden. It is essential to avoid using the same username or display name as another community member to prevent any confusion. Please ensure that your username or display name is unique to you.

  • VIII.) Personal Information

Please do not distribute any personal information throughout our establishment. This message safeguards the privacy of all community members.

  • IX.) Spamming

Please don’t spam content throughout any chat, as this disrupts our community’s conversation. Please be advised that sending the same message more than four times is strictly prohibited.

  • X.) Respect

It would be best if you treated everyone with respect. This action effectively prevents future arguments and is a matter of common decency.

  • XI.) NSFW Content

This content is strictly prohibited and is not welcome within our community.

  • XII.) Threats

Any threats, such as death threats or raids, are restricted.

  • XIII.) Pinging

Mass pinging others throughout our communications server is strictly off-limits. If a user is not responding, please give them time.

  • XIV.) Channel Usage

Please use channels within our communications server for their intended purpose. Of course, accidents happen. But please, do not purposefully use the wrong channel for its unintended purpose.

  • XV.) ToS/Community Guidelines*

Please ensure you always follow Roblox and Discord’s ToS/Community Guidelines.

Session Schedule

Here at Bonton, we do not have a set session schedule. Sessions are hosted based on our HR+'s availability, so please refrain from begging for them to be hosted. Please read below for the types of sessions hosted by our lovely HR+ team!


Hosting these types of sessions is an excellent way to boost engagement. Moreover, shifts provide dedicated staff members unparalleled opportunities to earn well-deserved promotions!


These sessions are only meant for our LRs and offer a chance for members within this selected group to rank up. Once a user hits the ‘Head of Services’ rank, one must work hard and show extreme dedication to obtain the first available MR rank.


Interviews offer our guests a chance to join our luxurious team of staff! Although there is an application to obtain the ‘Awaiting Training’ rank, most players prefer a face-to-face interaction with one of our staff members.

Rank Information

Here at Bonton, all of our dedicated community members have a chance at becoming part of our staff team and ranking up based on a strong sense of dedication to the group. The ranks below are all of our current ranks, and please keep in mind that they are subject to change in the future. If you have any questions regarding these ranks and/or their limits, please DM a member of the Leadership Team.

Guest Ranks

Hotel Guest (∞) | Users within this rank have joined the group.

Noted Guest (∞) | These members have shown a strong dedication toward Bonton. These members are typically former HRs.

Allied Representative (∞) | These members represent another group at Bonton.

Service Team

Awaiting Training (∞) | These users have passed their application and are awaiting training.

Junior Team Member (∞) | These users have passed their training and are now official workers.

Team Member (∞) | These users have passed two training sessions.

Head of Services (∞) | These are skilled users who have passed three training sessions.

Management Team

Shift Leader (?) | These members are the first rank within our management team. These members assist with training, shifts, and interviews while handling all guest situations appropriately.

Supervisor (?) | These are Management team members tasked with dealing with customers and attending trainings, shifts, and interviews. Their responsibility includes helping our guests as well.

Senior Supervisor (?) | These individuals are part of the management team and are responsible for interacting with customers, attending training, interviews, shifts, and additional duties.

Assistant Manager (?) | These are members of the Management Team and are tasked with dealing with customers and attending interviews, training, and shifts, along with additional responsibilities.

Corporate Team

General Manager (6)

Board of Directors (4)

Corporate Assistant (4)

Corporate Officer (2)

The Corporate Team is the HR department within Bonton. The responsibilities of this team are extremely important. All of these individuals are in a department.

Leadership Team

Senior Corporate (3)

Vice President (2)

President (1)

The Leadership Team, the highest rank in Bonton, is responsible for monitoring the community and ensuring excellent activity. VP+ is also part of the Leadership Team.

If you need to contact someone at Bonton, please read the rank descriptions to ensure you get in touch with the right person. In most cases, you should open a ticket on our communications server, and then we can get you to the right person.